Mosquito Prague in Ammersee: This landlady knows all the means – and nothing helps


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The good mood of summer comes quickly to the end when it does not dare to leave, despite the warm temperatures. Because even mosquitoes enjoy the good weather outdoors. For example, at Ammersee. There the situation is absolutely dramatic this year.

Eching "There's nothing buzzing at the moment." But on the Ammersee, Miriam Pavic raises the first clouds and fears. Because when the air becomes damp and oppressive, the mosquitoes come back. The owner of the "beach house" in Eching am Ammersee, 38, is a veteran in the fight against the leeches' plagues. But now she's losing one battle after another. Several times she had to close her restaurant on the beach in the last few days, early in the evening because even inside it was no longer bearable because of the swarms of mosquitoes. And also on this day it seems that it will not be a long night in the garden. "It's the horror," says Pavic only.

Ointment, coffee, bats: does not help the mosquitoes

She tried everything to kill the mosquitoes: incense spirals from Thailand, fragrance lamps from the US Army. Salvia and coffee were burned, bottle traps, table fans and even bats boxes set her upright. It did not help. "It does not scratch the creatures," says the owner resignedly. But your guests scratch with itching. Many escape before even looking at the menu. And at the latest when dawn sets in, even the most stubborn are scratching and reaching the distance. And Miriam Pavic can shut the store down with her arms and legs bruised.

Mosquitoes are currently multiplying rapidly.

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At this very moment, at the beginning of the Pentecost holidays, the mosquitoes left. For Pavic, who invested heavily in the restaurant, this is a disaster. "If it were like that every year, I would stop here," she says. Last nights she had nightmares – of swarms of mosquitoes. At the nearby Ampermoos nature reserve, they currently find perfect breeding conditions: it is wooded and consists of numerous pools and small still waters. The mosquitoes love it, and the kids who bathe on the beach in front of the "beach house" are so bitten they look like a piece of cake.

Six different repellents of mosquitoes and 25 swatters of electric flies

But Pavic does not give up the fight. She has created six different mosquito repellents for her guests, which can get spotty for free. And she ordered 25 fly kites, which kill the plagues with electric shocks. The insect killers, who look like tennis rackets, put them on the tables, so that the guests have at least some fun in danger. Three are already burned. Because of the overload. The wealth of ideas, therefore, is not over: the landlady is thinking of buying big fans who blow water sprayed through the garden. But throughout the mosquito repellent, the danger is great to scare the guests in the end with the same.

Bacteria Can Be Salvation

That's why Pavic is waiting for another solution, a biological one. Because she does not want to spray chemical poison – despite all the desperation. Instead, a soil bacterium called Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, Bti, is to help. Spread over large areas, it can reduce mosquito populations. Bacteria form a poison that kills the larvae. This has worked for many years in the African areas of malaria and also in the Chiemsee. In neighboring Schondorf, a campaign of signatures was formed for this. Miriam Pavic also designed the lists. She does not want to exterminate mosquitoes despite her enmity, she says. "But at least reduce it to a reasonably bearable level."


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