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Michael Wendler in a clear pose with his Laura: Fans are angry

This is Michael Wendler.

He is one of the most polarizing pop singers in Germany: Michael Wendler.

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"She loves the DJ" and the DJ apparently loves her as well. At least you can receive this message from the last Instagram image of Michael Wendler and her friend Laura, 18.

What in the photo of Michael Wendler can be seen? We hardly dare to describe it. Although … yes. It is funny.

Michael Wendler shares ambiguous picture with his girlfriend Laura

Then imagine the following scene. Wendler, faithful to the style of a ribbed white T-shirt, on the right arm stamped by a Roman warrior, is behind his Laura.

Michael Wendler in a clear pose with significant look

O, because of the optics, even on the white top, leaning on a pile of tires. Stretch your buttocks for Michael Wendler. He returns the action with his abdomen in front of him. In addition, a certainly significant visual, which unfortunately remains hidden behind the dark sports glasses. Beside the image, the words: "Power of love".

The photo is part of her new music video, at least posts from girlfriend Laura. So she had already shared a little video showing the woman riding a motorcycle.

A typical element of Wendler's videos.

He announces a new single for May 24. "What shall I call in heaven?" It means her name.


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Wendler fans are angry

A ladino who thinks about it. On Instagram, however, there seem to be some cheaters. The fans are a little disgusted that satisfied because of the ambiguous pose.

  • kreuthner_og: "the power of anal sex"
  • cl_brueckner: "As unfavorable, the curious thing is that the gentleman in the photo knows this for sure." Cruel to introduce himself. "
  • susannewinz1974: "Oh man, you have to mock the people!"
  • sudoaptgetupdate: "Michael Glöööckler and Irina in" Liebesspiel "
  • sunny_firl_summer: "All Milterns cry for their daughter's downfall."
  • Frau.lebensfroh: "Come on dear, I'll push my Piiiiep to your Popo and take a picture. That's what people want to see!
  • oliver_menderez: "His expression says it all".
  • 28william06: "Choke!"
  • boris_elmlinger: "A pig of pleasure, this Wendler."

Wendler's girlfriend, Laura, recently unpacked

Recently, Laura had undone the relationship with Michael Wendler.

Therefore, there were always rumors that the student was still under age when she met the pop singer. But she denies that: "For all those who always claim that I was 17. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you.At this moment, I was already 18."


This is Michael Wendler.

  • Born in 1972 in Dinslaken as Michael Skowronek
  • Michael Wendler is a trained referral agent
  • In 2000, the pop singer released his first albums
  • He has participated in several TV productions, including "Beat the Star", "I'm a Star – Get me out of here" or "Let's Dance"
  • Since 2016, he lives in Cape Coral, Florida
  • In 2018 he separated from his wife. Shortly afterwards, he met Laura, 18
  • The couple's story is now on Goodbye Germany


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