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Merkel with crazy scene: Chancellor interrupts speech abruptly – confused audience reaction


Angela Merkel imagined the opposite: in a speech in Berlin on employers day in Germany, the chancellor spoke about the development of Germany. Then it comes to a curious scene.

  • chancellor Angela merkel give a speech on German employer day in Berlin.
  • The chancellor talks, inter alia, about the Germany development since reunification.
  • When she about the tax research funding Speak, the applause is out. A strange scene follows.

Berlin – Chancellor Angela Merkel gave his speech on Tuesday, November 12, at the German Employees Day in Berlin. Among other things, the Chancellor talked about corporate taxes and Development of the Federal Republic of Germany since reunification. Also in tax research funding Angela Merkel came to speak. On this issue, the Chancellor probably expected more enthusiasm in the audience. Because a strange scene followed.

In his 30-minute speech, the Chancellor emphasized the good situation in Germany since reunification. Germany has developed very well: Few unemployed, good gross domestic product and a stable industryBut Angela Merkel also sees a need for action on corporate taxes. In her speech, she also referred to tax cuts in the US and France.

Angela Merkel: There's a Curious Scene About Tax Research Funding

It's over too official trip to the EUThe German chancellor spoke abroad during her speech on Tuesday in Berlin. Angela Merkel promised employers that she would work for changes in the posting of short-term workers abroad at EU level. Employers are upset about the bureaucracy.

The entrepreneurs were for years tax research funding required. This was decided by the Bundestag this summer and takes effect on January 1, 2020. Obviously, the Chancellor devoted herself to this topic and was proud of what she had achieved. But when Angela Merkel talked about tax research funding, the public did not respond with the same enthusiasm the Chancellor had imagined. You can do it differently. weird scene do not explain. Take a look at the scene in the following tweet (from minute 54:10).

The Chancellor took a special break during her speech because she expected applause. But that was missing. Only a few people in the crowded corridor applauded. Then Merkel reacted with a smile: "Two people who applaud. Look, this is not possible." The Chancellor Reaction can also be seen in the video in Focus.

Merkel's speech: This is what tax research funding is all about

Especially small and medium enterprises come tax incentives for research and development benefit as they usually do not have their own research capacity and therefore rely on outside service providers. Germany is currently one of five out of 36 OECD countries that have not promoted research and development. That should change from the new year. For Germany this has been considerable so far Disadvantage in International Localization Competition to innovative companies and employees in research and development.

The tax subsidy is important for German companies so that they can invest more in research and development (R&D). Due to the funding of tax research, the federal government annually conducts about 1.4 billion euros less The. This loss must be supported jointly by the federal government, states and municipalities. To enjoy this tax incentive all taxable companies come to Germany.

The federal government currently has a lot of criticism to hear. For example, at the GQ Awards, I expected a comedian with Angela Merkel, the SPD and the CDU. CSU chief Markus Söder has sparked new announcements about tax cuts by large swirls in the coalition.

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