Meghan and Prince Harry: suspicions harden – is the royal baby already there?


The world is awaiting the birth of the first child of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. Now a wild rumor is making the rounds.

April 16 update: Is Baby Sussex Here? Meghan already released Markle? In the British media, this suspicion has existed for days. Now it is a phrase on the Instagram that further fuels the rumors: "… and in the name of the Duke and Duchess (and Baby Sussex), we thank you very much" ("In the name of the Duke and Duchess"). Baby Sussex) we thank you all very much. "), Is on the official website of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Background: Harry and Meghan have asked to help various organizations around the world instead of sending gifts for the impending arrival of their firstborn. Sussex "Suspicious …

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Just a week ago, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex asked them to kindly consider supporting various organizations around the world in sending future messages for the arrival of their first child. Not only did you give your support, you also took action. His Royal Highness wanted to know the impact of his support – the direct effect of his giving, energy and action! YOU chose to be part of the collective good and made a real difference. Whether it's a $ 5 donation, a contribution of £ 1000, volunteering or spreading the word – you've done your part. And in the name of the Duke and Duchess, thank you very much. YOUR IMPACT: @thelunchboxfund wants to offer a minimum of 100,000 hot food meals to children throughout South Africa @littlevillagehq received donations from around the world (from the UAE to Hong Kong and the US), they & # 39; More than 200 additional hours of specialized care for a child's well-being Nurse for a child with serious health conditions giving children around the world – from Guadalajara to Italy. You made it happen. Thank you.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Suspicious Wild – Is the Real Baby Here?

Update, 19.10 clock: The British media is currently speculating that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are about to celebrate their new family member. The world will only be informed when the couple is ready to be a rumor. What I could say for this: Most recently, Duchess Meghan was spotted on March 19, when she and Harry were thinking of London, in front of the New Zealand diplomatic mission for the victims of the Christchurch attack. She would have a maternity leave on March 20th. So the real couple will surprise the world?

They say that Harry and Meghan have bizarre fights with the team – and that nasty nickname

London – Prince Harry (34) and his wife Meghan Markle (37) are expecting their first child this month – after birth, they can safely Home Helpers use. Among other things, because of their children, they are also in the Country house Frogmore, which is located not far from Windsor Castle in England.

But the blessing of the house is already hanging on the estate. At least if it is true, what the British tabloid Daily Mail citing The sun reported. Thus, the real couple only makes a great discontent in the team.It's about parking.

Duchess Meghan: You run the staff away

Earlier, officials at Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were allowed to park their cars in a parking lot near Frogmore Cottage. No longer. Instead, they should park in the public parking lot "King Edward VII", which is more than a mile away. A good walk to work.

For some officials, according to the report, however, there are special permits – which certainly do not improve the mood of the workforce. Since May 2018, the Duchess of Sussex has lost three important officials. In early January, his bodyguard threw in the towel.

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Park Frustration with the Royals: Is it really about golf and cricket?

O Daily Mail He further writes that the team enjoyed the old car park because it quickly made its way to the actual golf course and cricket ground. An unidentified source must be the Sun said: "We're afraid we can not play sports here anymore – it's scandalous." And more: "What we can only imagine as reason is that Harry and Meghan do not want to see cars passing the window all the time." Another source said that Sun: "We are very angry."

In the article, but also an older official to speak, also anonymous. According to him, the royal couple has nothing to do with the parking decision. The caretaker liked her.

Meghan Markle: Hurry up despite a real pregnancy

Can Duchess Meghan prepare in peace for the birth of her baby? The headlines do not stop. According to reports, soon an old track from former actress "Suits" could be released – which she absolutely does not like.

In addition, she is said to have trouble with her mother-in-law, the queen, who recently clashed with Duchess Meghan's ban – which is said to have had a temper tantrum. In addition, since last month, even rumors about a possible divorce make the rounds.

Harry and Meghan are now supposedly called "Nimby"

Whatever is true. The British are apparently looking forward to "Baby Sussex" – and have made their personal choice by name. As for the future mother: she must give birth in the same hospital as Duchess Kate.

As the Daily Mail continues to write about the parking dispute, the actual couple has a new nickname: "NIMBYs" – short for "Not in Meghan's Back Yard", translated freely into German: "Not in front of Meghan's door",


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