Measles 2019: Will vaccination against measles be necessary?


O measles virus in Germany became very rare. But this year there are many unusual cases of measles, O virus is one of the most contagious pathogens of all time – between the contact and the first symptoms usually take from eight to ten days. At this time, infected people can virus to pass on to other people.

vaccine against measles 2019: Will it become a must soon?

In several regions Germany they spread measles currently exceptionally strong. A national measles vaccination obligation is therefore already discussed in politics. How quickly and whether this mandatory vaccination will be implemented is currently not fixed.

Learn more about the current political debate on the subject vaccine against measles: Measles Vaccination: Federal Government Checks Vaccination for Children

measles 2019: All information about symptoms, treatment, transmission and more

Dr. Sebastian Groth specializes in pediatrics in Rendsburg and spokesperson of the professional association of pediatricians (BVKJin Schleswig Holstein, He answers important questions on the subject measles,

What are measles?

Measles disease represents a viral disease through measles virus represents. measles are characterized by a high infection rate. Then one comes to a rapid spread.

What happens after infection in the body?

O virus penetrates through the mucous membranes by an infection of droplets in the body and multiplies initially uncontrolled. In the process, the immune system then fights against this virus,

I can too measles if I'm vaccinated?

When Completely Completed vaccination series, which consists of two isolated vaccines, the protection is 99%. A hundred percent protection can also be vaccination not reach. However, if too many people are vaccinated, the individual risk of infection also declines.

What symptoms do you have if you have been infected?

At the beginning of an infection, there are more general signs of infection, such as fatigue and fever; after this flu-like pre-stage, there is a stage of illness in which the typical measles outbreak occurs. Then there are also frequent and feared complications such as otitis media, pneumonia or encephalitis (encephalitis).

measles: Who is particularly vulnerable?

Basically, people are at risk in all age groups. One problem is the contagion of babies. vaccination According to the plan, it is not until the end of the first year of life that babies are still unprotected and can easily be infected, even if their parents have a vaccination planned.

Who should be vaccinated?

All children must be at the end of the first year of life vaccination series beginning of the second year of life with the second vaccination can be completed. Even for adults born after 1970, a single catch-up vaccine may be indicated, especially if no other vaccine has been reported so far. vaccination it's done.

How many times do you have to go against it? measles be vaccinated?

The complete vaccination series consists of two individual vaccines. The second vaccination Must be done at least four weeks after the first.

how much time measles contagious?

Usually up to four days after the onset of the measles rash. However, as a patient, even days before the outbreak of the disease is contagious to others, which promotes a lot spread.

How long does the illness last?

The entire acute phase of the disease can range from two to three weeks with individual differences. Much feared is a late side effect, SSPE (subacute sclerosing panandricite). Here, years after the acute illness to an inflammation and destruction of the brain and nervous tissue, which generally leads to the death of the patient.

Measles Encephalitis: What is it?

It is an acute inflammation of the brain tissue, which, like the measles infection itself, can not be treated causally.

How do I protect myself from a measles infection?

The safest protection against measles disease is vaccination, This is extremely compatible and secure.

Because measles so dangerous and can it be deadly?

There are severe forms with complications in the organs (see above). The disease also can not be treated with medication. You should limit yourself to the treatment of individual symptoms, such as fever or pain reduction.

Because measles notification required?

The Infection Protection Act, with its reporting obligation, serves to protect the population. In such contagious infectious disease as measles, it is very important to register to protect uninfected people (for example, babies).

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