Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich): Press conference scorn


Manuel Neuer of Bayern Munich gave a press conference on Wednesday. And that makes a lot of fans scoff. All information on the ticker.

Neuer-PK provides Shitstorm with fans: "not to be ridiculed"

15:14: On the Internet, many fans have reacted violently to the scheduled press conference. Many see no news value. And people give loose rein to their feelings and opinions. It is said among other things: "The PK of Manuel Neuer is ridiculous no more to beat." Who does the Bavarians think? Unbelievable. "Another Twitter user comments:" Seriously !? Newer gives a PK to report on his injury? this makes all the players soon, it will be fun. "The same opinion is also another user who asks the question:" Uh, will all the sick people soon be published in the media? "

Another user turns to the side of the Guardians: "This statement thinking about the PK of the new one annoys me a lot." The man used his complaint arm countless times for us to Germany.Is that worth nothing? He has to announce the discovery of the Hall "There are other people on the Guardians' side who criticize the media:" Aha, Neuer, as announced a week ago, held a press conference today. But as media representatives always need something spectacular, they are very sad now because there was nothing. And the easy to manipulate football fan is now prowling around. Everything as always ".

Fum's colleagues created a list and published it. In the usual way with a wink.

Bayern Munich: Then was the PK of Manuel Neuer

12,18: This ends the mysterious press conference of Manuel Neuer. In summary, it can be said: Neuer invited the PK to tell press representatives about his current state. His own statements result, he received so many requests that he wanted to neglect any and wanted to face all media representatives in the KP.

12:16: New on the fight between Coman and Lewandowski: "It's important to be motivated.Not on the scene but in the coming weeks.We have a point ahead and the best relationship.We celebrate clear victories, we want to take them with us.If you lose as Dortmund against the Munich 5: 0, you will have a fun week.It is harder to prepare for the next game.In Dortmund against Mainz Bürki kept well in the final.In the final outbreak of the season nothing is given "

12.15: New on the lack of training camp: "It's hard not to do the training games, I'm present before and after the game, my presence is there, it's good to be on the team when you're injured."

12:14: Pizarro: "He has experience, he is a penalty striker, I know him from training, he wants to spill his ex-colleague, we have to be careful and keep him out of the penalty area."

12:12: New in the last games and in the fight: "It's a curious season where a lot of things happened, we have to stay focused, we have to play like the last games, everybody knows how strong this team is – we do not underestimate Werder. the teams that are in the Bundesliga, all matches are final Dortmund will also have a difficult game at Schalke We will also have interesting matches in the last few days We are against Frankfurt against Dortmund Gladbach – both teams against the direct competitors " .

12:11: New to the opponents of the next two games, Werder Bremen *: "You can counterattack well, especially on the offensive, they are good, you have a great team spirit, they also won in Dortmund in the cup. two games in four days ".

12:11: Neuer on Nübel: "He did a good job." At Schalke they have no goalkeeping problems, they have Ralf Fährmann and Alex Nübel.

12:11: New in the future goalkeepers' market in Germany: "There has never been a goalkeeper problem in Germany".

12:10: New on whether the foot still plays a subconscious role: "No, it's over."

12:09 a.m. Neuer in Ulreich: "He showed good performances, he will play again as we know him, he only got a penalty goal, he's ready for the next games, I'm not worried."

12.07 clock: Manuel Neuer on last week: "Against Dortmund I had a quiet night and I did not have to intervene very much." I did not train fully in front of Dusseldorf.In the final training I had no symptoms, even in the first half I had no problems.You can not predict I'm not saying now: If I had … These things can happen in professional sports. "

12:06 a.m. New on his age and injuries: "Basically, I can not say that. In the event of a failure over a year, a young player could have contracted a muscle injury."

12:05 a.m. New in his role as injured: "I knew what happened in this action, I took good care of the situation, I noticed that it is a ripped muscle, even though I can not play, I want to be there, especially in the two" finals "against Bremen * We want to become champions and cup final. "

Keeper responds to rumors about end of career and DFB-Aus

12:04: About the end of the speculative or alleged career DFB-Aus: "We smiled about it.There were so many requests for my injury and I did not want to refuse, so everyone can be there."

12:01: "I had a muscle injury much earlier.I had to expose because of a thumb injury.I could not play against Freiburg and Dortmund.Now, again, a fiber break in the Dusseldorf game.It is common for you to get small It can be imagined that if someone is on crutches for a long time, the body has to adapt.

12h: "I do not know if I play against Leipzig, I want to stay between the posts as fast as possible, I'm optimistic of being among the posts against Leipzig"

11:57 am: In a few minutes, the press conference begins with Manuel Neuer. We are there live and document the statements of the goalkeeper for you.

Munich – The game between Fortuna Dusseldorf and Bayern Munich has spread. With supreme leadership, Munich dominated the hosts at will. But suddenly – it was 53 minutes, "said Manuel Neuer, who had to be replaced. A hitherto unilateral meeting suddenly gained new headlines. Neuer had to go down – and left after the final whistle, even crutches in the stadium.

Now it is clear: the calf is aching, not the metatarsal that has so often been damaged in the past. In fact, good news. But maybe there's something else in the bush? Why does Manuel Neuer announce that he wants to hold a press conference on April 17th at 12 noon? Does he want to announce something special?

Five theories on what could be at the press conference Manuel Neuer

1. Is it possibly the exact time of your career to end? However, Manuel Neuer had to leave the pitch due to a knee injury. The latest fiber breakage was slightly fired. In two weeks, the goalie could be back on the court.

2. Does he announce his retirement from the selection? Before the 2018 World Cup, the first discussions about the 33-year-old player emerged. Is he still the right man for the DFB team? Is not Marc-Andre Stegen better? The 2014 world champion is still world-class, but he has the pinnacle of his career behind him.

3. As the season comes to an end but a comeback does not seem impossible, Neuer can still announce that the injury is his premature season. Even if it is "just" a fiber break, the guardian can be cautious.

4. A new generation changes at Bayern and pushes their captaincy for the next season? Out of all injury speculation, the PK may also have sporting motives and give other motivation to the FCB team.

5. Maybe it has nothing to do with professional athlete Neuer. He may also announce a sponsorship agreement or make another charitable action public.

Over the weekend, the FCB against Werder Bremen raced before going on Wednesday in the DFB Cup against Green and White. Also on the Werder were question marks around his goalkeeper. Now there is an update for Jiri Pavlenka, as the * colleagues write.


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