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Magdeburg: Syria wins students and trams on trams – International News

Magdeburg – A well-known Syrian police officer (34) brutally beat a high school graduate (18) and a medical student (28) on a cable car in Magdeburg. However, he was subsequently not taken by the police into custody.

The bloody attack occurred on Thursday before Easter, according to police, the "voice of the people of Magdeburg" reported the case for the first time. So the attack happened without reason and in the middle of the day. No one is said to have interfered with the other passengers on the tram.

"The train was suddenly deserted"

"I looked out the window, listening to music" – that's how Levken, an 18-year-old student, described the "Magdeburg Volksstimme" on that fateful spring day. She saw a movement from the corner of her eye – the next moment, a strange man slammed his fist into her face! Then she blew bleeding from the car on line 6. No one intervened, on the contrary: when blood dripped on a passenger's pants, this threatened an advertisement for property damage!

"The rather crowded streetcar was suddenly deserted, all fled quickly," said the 28-year-old from the Magdeburg Volksstimme. The German-Moroccan continues, "I asked for help, but no one came." As the train continued, the stranger tormented the student for several minutes with kicks and punches, only when the door opened again at the next stop and a man recognized himself as the police orgy of violence is over.

Just a broken arm?

But the scandal has now begun: despite the significant injuries of the two victims – the high school graduate suffered a nasal fracture and a fracture in the socket ring of the left eye, student lacerations and a fracture in the frontal wall of the frontal wall – the bat initially was not detained! E: In a police report it is "just" from a broken arm the speech.

The Magdeburg Kriminalhauptkommissar Frank Küssner (58) to BILD: "I defend against the prosecution, the police wanted to minimize the case." The young woman complained to a paramedic initially severe pain in the forearm. Therefore, the exact consequences of the injury were not recognizable.

According to police, the Syrian behaved in his "aggressive effervescent" prison. In police custody he demanded to be taken to his homeland. If that does not happen, he threatened, "he wants to harm other people," Küssner told BILD. A doctor summoned put the man in the psychiatric ward – but the next day the assailant resigned again! Police statement: "A judge should have ordered him to remain in the closed prison."

Forensic Medicine: "Potentially Life-Threatening"

Why was not the man checked immediately? As a spokesman for the District Police Department, Lippe confirmed to Bild, the Syrian had already attacked several times in North Rhine-Westphalia. The allegations are in three cases about personal injury and dangerous injuries. Two of the incidents would have occurred in late 2018 in Detmold, one in 2019 in Lemgo, where the assailant should also be informed. Chief Magistrate Küssner of Magdeburg: "As the consequences of the infraction were not known, the act was merely shown as a simple attack, so we only checked to see if there was a warrant." This was not the case, which is why we did not ask an arrest warrant. "

▶ ︎ It was only after Easter that things began to move again. According to "Volksstimme", legal doctors now classify the injuries of the two victims as "potentially fatal". Only now the prosecutor's arrest warrant issued against Bahar M. In a press release states: "Magdeburg police forces were able to arrest and arrest the suspect in the area of ​​the city after extensive investigation of possible whereabouts on Friday , 26.04.2019.
"The 34-year-old man was taken to jail after the arrest warrant was issued.

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