Magdeburg: four prisons in anti-drug raids – skyscrapers SEK – Saxony-Anhalt


Magdeburg – Two violent detonations rock the skyscraper in Magdeburger Kannensteig. Strongly armed elite police invade the apartments. Shortly thereafter, they provide pounds of drugs and arrest four suspected drug traffickers (19-35).

Preparations for this mission already last for weeks. The State Office of Criminal Investigation had indications that there were drug depots in two apartments on the ninth and 14th floors of Dr. Grosz Strasse's tall building and a low building on Birkenallee.

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Photo: Tom Wunderlich

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The police got several kilos of amphetamines, other drugs and weaponsPhoto: Tom Wunderlich

▶ ︎ Friday night, about 20 hours, it began. About 60 heavily armed officers positioned themselves in front of the objects.

▶ ︎ The SEK invaded the apartments on Dr. Grosz Street. "As the entry doors with the compactor did not go up, employees had to open at least one door," LKA spokesman Andreas von Koß confirmed Saturday morning.

▶ ︎ Residents told local reporters of two blasts.

In the apartments, two men were initially arrested. In the flat building at the same time invaded at Birkenallee, there were two more prisons. The men, all from the Arab world, are due to appear before the magistrate on Saturday.

The cops searched the objects all night. They found what they were looking for: "We managed to secure several kilograms of amphetamines, small amounts of cocaine, methamphetamines and weapons," said company spokesman Koß.



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