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The 70-kilo air pump in the Kaltenmoor district of Lüneburg has been shut down successfully. Citizens can leave an emergency shelter in high school.

Bomb disposal in the Lüneburg district of Kaltenmoor by the Hannover ammunition collection service has been successfully completed since clock 22.42. On Twitter, the city of Lüneburg announced a little later: "All the residents can go back to their homes". Some 4,700 people had to leave their homes early Wednesday because of the shutdown of a 70-kilogram American bomb from World War II. This was slower than expected. However, police praised the behavior of citizens. "Almost all the affected people left their homes and the restricted area quickly," the authority tweeted. These had "made a considerable contribution to their behavior, enabling them to implement the measures quickly."

Over 200 police officers in action

The failure had been discovered in the morning during construction. The area was in a Ray of 500 meters locked around the locality. Originally, the city was mentioned by about 10,000 people affected. There were more than 200 police on duty to coordinate the evacuation. Residents of assisted living facilities also had to leave their accommodations. An emergency shelter was set up at Johanneum Gymnasium. Social workers and German Red Cross officials took care of the citizens there. The city set up a direct line.

NDR reporter Thorsten Ahles reports from Lüneburg

Bomb Found: Thousands of Lüneburg Evacuees

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After the discovery of a Weltriegsblindgängers several thousand inhabitants had to leave their apartments in the district of Lüneburg Kaltenmoor. Thorsten Ahles is on the site and reports.

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The ammunition disposal service searches for unexploded ordnance using aerial photography. If they suspect bombs, the experts leave – a dangerous job.
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