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  • The coach watches the match in Freiburg and FC Bayern.
  • He should not have missed that Boateng and Hummels do not always act on the defender's sovereign.
  • Uli Hoeneß's statements on the removal of the players from the selection that he can consider calmly.

in Benedict WarmbrunnFreiburg

The question of how Joachim Loew sees the world has not always been easy to answer in the last weeks, months, and years, in part the German national technician has created an art form from his own inscrutability. So he did not appoint a particularly acclaimed player, or he continued to name two, three not-so-popular players. Or he did not appoint three more players, but at one point and in a way no one else understood. On Saturday afternoon, however, everyone could see how Joachim Loew looks at the world.

Bundesliga Bayern lost its footballing identity

Bayern have lost their footballing identity

In Freiburg is again missing a plan, which hire the players with expensive feet. The game can serve as a model for other clubs.Comment by Benedikt Warmbrunn

The national coach sat in the 1-1 between SC Freiburg and Bayern in the stands of the Black Forest Stadium, on the nose a very mirrored sunglasses. Whoever saw Löw saw what Löw saw at the same time. And what he reflected on his sunglasses, which helped Löw to justify a controversial decision.

In Freiburg, Löw, for the first time since the beginning of March, again Mats Hummels, Jérôme Boateng and Thomas Müller together at work. Earlier in March he had told them during a short surprise visit to FC Bayern's clubs in face-to-face talks that he did not plan any more with them on the national team. A week later, he was sitting at the Munich Arena in the stands, 0-3 draw against Liverpool, but then watched Hummels alone at work. Boateng sat on the bench, Müller followed the game as Löw from the stands, he was locked.

Müller is replaced, Hummels is in the wrong 1-0, Boateng does not seem sovereign

On Saturday afternoon, the coach looked at three former international, and behind his elegant mirrored sunglasses should have been this afternoon, not even a thought of doubt to find.

In Munich, they were enthusiastic about Löw's brief visit. Last week, President Uli Hoeneß told his magazine why he remained silent for so long: "If I had said what I thought, the internet would have been a somersault backwards." and I did not want to do it – and Jogi Löw, by the way. "On Saturday, however, no one gave a somersault and certainly not back on Saturday, Joachim Loew wanted to speak once no one in his decision.

Thomas Müller appeared twice in the area of ​​Freiburg as he shot a little once he extended the ball with the head in goalkeeper Alexander Schwolow. Otherwise, he drowned until he disappeared completely within 55 minutes after his replacement. Substitute Serge Gnabry then took the last 35 minutes to show how much momentum can be achieved. Hummels, on the other hand, was far from the goal of Lucas Höler and, like Boateng, he did not have the greatest sovereignty in all the scenes. The latter could at least once promote himself, as he avoided the 0: 2 by deflecting a shot from Mike Frantz on the goal line.

But Joachim Loew's worldview is so well known that it is known that the rescue operations on the goal line do not inspire him particularly.

Symbolic moments of the Bundesliga for Boateng and Hummels

Symbolic moments for Boateng and Hummels

In the Munich defense get the two former international by Hernandez transfer even more competition. In Freiburg, both save as they are crucial – but they also have weaker scenes.By Matthias Schmid


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