"Let's Dance": Presenter Swarovksi: His Giant Cleavage Causes Ridicule


In "Let's Dance" 2019, dance candidates are the focus, but in yesterday's show, the cut of Victoria Swarovski's dress caused a stir.

April 27 update: For even more excitement than the celebrity dance performances since yesterday at the show "Let's Dance" Victoria Swarovski. The presenter wore a dress that left many unanswered questions: an olive-green, neck-high creation with a mega-neckline in the middle and a view of her bust.

On Twitter, Swarovski mocked his clothes:

"Let's dance" candidate Benjamin Piwko: blatant accusations of ex-affair – is he really different?

News of April 12, 2019: Benjamin Piwko is probably the most popular candidate in the current season of "Let's Dance". Although he lost his hearing due to a viral infection at 8 months of age, he dances very well and is still on the ground and is understanding (see our message below). But does the martial arts master and actor have a completely different side, not so kind?

A TV journalist named Inga W. now raises high claims (content Plus) serious allegations. In a podcast by blogger Paula Lambert of November 2018, the 39-year-old ex-girlfriend about Piwko unpacked. She met Piwko on Facebook at the end of 2015 and was with him for a year. But the relationship later would have greatly lamented her. These statements are impressive: Benjamin Piwko has been married since 2014 with an American!

Former case of "Let's Dance" star Benjamin Piwko: "I was a lawyer, secretary, prostitute, therapist"

Piwko also said that he was married, before having the first physicalities, then Inga W. "All I thought was," Okay, he really needs me, I have to be there now. I did his accounting. Suddenly I had two iPhones at home, one of which was his phone number for the College of Combat, "she says. She also terminated Piwko's membership, responded to all the letters of complaint, and answered all the calls.

Inga W. complains, "During that time, I was a lawyer, a secretary, a prostitute and a therapist. I lived a short life and put my life on hold."

And the allegations are even worse: the native burger has finally become aggressive, they have stirred. "Every once in a while, the couple were sitting in a restaurant and Piwko dabbed his plate with his fist," so the falafel floated all over the restaurant. "The TV journalist has finally suffered a nervous breakdown and put an end to it.

high portrait Piwko said he had confirmed the relationship with Inga W. and said, "If I hurt someone on time, I'm sorry." Piwko, however, was at that time in his own words separate from his current wife: "I was then decided to fight for the relationship with my wife and try again with her. It worked and we were very well married four years ago and I I moved to the US for her too. "

Speaking of Let's Dance – there was a real voting hammer in the show room.

"Let's Dance" 2019: That's how the 3rd live show was

Update to 00:05: The vote of the viewer decided: Lukas Rieger and Katja Kalugina will not be in the next live show "Let's Dance". The jury points and viewers were not enough for the duo. All other couples dance next week in the 90s edition of Let's Dance.

"Let's Dance" 2019: deaf candidate excites the public

Update on 23.35: He is the secret star of "Let's Dance": martial arts master and actor Benjamin Piwko is one of the best dancers of the current season – despite being deaf since the eight months! So he does not listen to the music, nor can he understand the trials of the jury without an interpreter. And yet, at the third live show at Let's Dance, he made a great appearance with his dance partner Isabel Edvardsson.

Because of her quick pace and the friendly nature of the dancers couple, there were lots of enthusiastic comments on Twitter like this:

"Let's dance" 2019: bad fall! Dancer falls on the buttocks

Update at 10:40 p.m.: Ouch! Kerstin Otts' dance partner, Regina Luca, lands on Tango in her Popo! Apparently she turned on the parquet floor, in any case it seemed very painful. Numerous Twitter users blame Kerstin Otts' harsh appearance for the error. Finally, the female duo got only 10 points from the jury.

Update on 21.55: Not only the jumble of jury member Jorge Gonzalez's clothing mess causes a stir. Even hostess Victoria Swarovski reaps a lot of ridicule on Twitter. Her red feather dress brings numerous comparisons to strawberries and co. – God awful!

"Let's Dance" 2019: Candidate makes confession over her breasts – and becomes a favorite of viewers

Update at 9:30 p.m.: The dance of Sabrina Mockenhaupt (38) and Erich Klann (31) was – say – bumpy. From hip swing was to see the salsa far and wide nothing. If this was spicy in the confession "Mockis" in advance? Because no one-player, who showed her during the training, she said she just got her ovulation and injured her breasts. Aha! After all, she gets a lot of laughter from the audience and in the end, the gossip and her dance partner earn 13 points for their performance. The public seems to enjoy the honest way Mocki does in any case – even if there is some criticism about his dancing skills on Twitter. However, Mocki seems to switch to the viewer's favorite.

"Let's Dance" 2019: Llambi motzt – and Jorge angry with the change of clothes

Update at 20:57: What's happening there? Suddenly, the other shoulder of Jorge is half naked. The photo of the event:

Suddenly symmetrical: Jorge Gonzalez and Motsi Mabuse.

© screenshot tvnow.de

Jorge Gonzalez's change of clothes moves the Twitter user: does he now show us a new body part after each dance?

Update at 20h40: The third live show of "Let's Dance 2019" is in full swing. And there are already the first moths of Joachim Llambi. When he evaluates Thomas Rath's performance, he feels interrupted by Motsi Mabuse. For many Twitter users, Llambi's side hit does not match with his fellow jury, after all, he himself is not known for his courtesy:

But instead of focusing on the jury jokes, we want to draw attention to Jorge's clothes here: half knit, half glitter Sacko! He's glowing with Motsi Mabuse, who (intentionally?) Also wears an asymmetrical Bling Bling outfit:

In the look of asymmetric partner: Jorge Gonzalez and Motsi Mabuse.

© screenshot tvnow.de

Even users of Twitter Jorges strange appearance did not escape:

First announcement: "Let's Dance" 2019 goes to the third round – is what awaits us today

Cologne – It's Friday again and that means "Let's Dance" is coming up. And what does this mean for this day? Of course again flying skirts, mainly steps of rhythmic dance and one or another bad commentary by Joachim Llambi. And what else comes to the viewer? 12, hopefully warm and good dances. Will Ella finally do a good performance like on Show 2? For Kerstin Ott, who provided intimate insights into his private life this week, Llambi jurors said they can still expect substantial increases.

More about Benjamin Piwko in the video: He can only feel the music

"Let's Dance" 2019: These candidates dance to these songs today

These dances with these songs present the stars on Show 3:

  • Barbara Becker and Massimo Sinató dance to Rumba for "Killing Me Softly" by Roberta Flack.
  • Benjamin Piwko and Isabel Edvardsson dance Quickstep to Fred Astaire's "Puttin On The Ritz."
  • Ella Endlich and Valentin Lusin dance salsa for Elvis Crespo's "Tu Smile".
  • Kerstin Ott and Regina Luca dance Tango to Avicii's "Addicted To You".
  • Evelyn Burdecki and Evgeny Vinokurov dance Contemporary for "Fallin" by Alicia Keys.
  • Lukas Rieger and Katja Kalugina dance Quickstep to AnnenMayKantereit's "Pocahontas".
  • Nazan Eckes and Christian Polanc dance Quickstep to Sasha's "Lucky Day."
  • Oliver Pocher and Christina Luft dance Charleston to LunchMoney Lewis's "Bills".
  • Sabrina Mockenhaupt and Erich Klann dance salsa to "Cuba" by the Gibson Brothers.
  • Thomas Rath and Kathrin Menzinger dance to Jive for "Tell Her About It" by Billy Joel.
  • Ulrike Frank and Robert Beitsch dance Tango in "Hernando's Hideaway" by The Johnston Brothers.
  • Pascal Hens and Ekaterina Leonova dance Cha Cha Cha to "Zusammen" by Fanta4 feat. Clueso.

"Let's Dance" 2019: These candidates are already out

Already two candidates were eliminated in "Let's Dance". No Show 1 was not enough for actor Jan Hartmann. Last week, on Show 2, Özcan Cosar had to leave. Who's on Show 3? WillEvelyn's court case this week impacted his dance performance?

Here's how you can follow the RTL show "Let's Dance" live on TV or via live stream. On Friday, April 19, 2019, there is no "Let's Dance" – let's explain why.



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