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Lena Gercke: Busenblitzer-shock on Model – A Deep View from GNTM-Star


Busenblitzer by Lena Gercke: The host of "Voice of Germany" shared a hot photo on Instagram. With the photo, the model announces her collection "LeGer".

  • Lena Gercke provides her last Instagram post for a chest
  • "Voice of Germany" host looks deeply into the photo
  • With this photo, the model, who grew up in Cloppenburg, near Bremen, announces her "LeGer" collection.

Cloppenburg / Bremen – Lena Gercke pulls all the stops to your new collection in "LeGer – by Lena Gercke"to advertise."German voice"-presenterin Cloppenburg grew up near Bremen, now published Instagram a hot portrait, In the photo that carries model without a bra, instead, the 31-year-old man goes deep. Over the Breast Blitzer in Lena Gercke reported *.

Lena Gercke from Cloppenburg near Bremen: "LeGer by Lena Gercke" fashion label a big hit

Like many other influencers and stars too Lena Gercke founded their own brand with their name, under which they themselves Collections sold. The brand "LeGer by Lena Gercke"O"German voice"-presenter It is already one of the 50 best selling brands in the online retailer "About You". Include regularly 31-year-old products, which in Cloppenburg grew up near Bremen, also among the best sellers of the online store.

The followers of Lena Gercke it's great many fans regularly buy products from "German voice"-presenterIn the first twelve months ",LeGer by Lena Gercke"a turnover of one million dollars, the brand is a big hit, so it was no surprise that the model recently a new collection in "LeGer by Lena Gercke"brought out.

Lena Gercke: Voice of Germany moderator takes care of hot flashes

For exactly this new collection in "LeGer by Lena Gercke"market properly, it seems like"German voice"-presenter but all means are right. Not specially created for the brand InstagramAccount posted Lena Gerckein Cloppenburg grew up near Bremen, now hot portraityour fans trip completely. O model no bra on picture; instead the "German voice"-presenter on top, wearing only a black blazer. Contributes to it Lena Gercke Black high-waisted pants. But your new clothes collection let's look deeply because that model care about the hot portrait for one Breast Blitzer,

Lena Gercke: The host of "Voice of Germany" wears only one blazer – he looks deeply

O fans Lena Gercke rushed out of the hot scene. "Mega! Hammer Body" says among other things in the comments under the Breast Blitzerportrait at the InstagramAccount ofLeGer by Lena Gercke"Also in the main profile, where the model more than 2.4 million people follow, the "German voice"-presenter posted a snapshot with the clothes. Once again, the upper body of Lena Gercke Covered only with the Blazer, so it excites model your fans, "Wow, awesome" or "You're amazing" can be read in the comments. Your friend Dustin Schöne also has this portrait commented, comes out under the InstagramContribution a revealing flame.

Lena Gercke: Model announces new "LeGer" collection with hot image – fans are thrilled

In the description of hot Image in Instagram write Lena Gercke Also: "LeGer F / W is already out !!!! So glad to finally show what we've been working on for the last few months!" (LeGer for women is out there !!! I am very happy to finally show what we have been working on in recent months). And after this Breast Blitzer provides Lena Gerckewho conquered the world catwalks of Cloppenburg fans just another hot Photos in sight. Lena Gercke recently posted a video in which the model no bra under the skin – tight dress – here she was fans excited.

"I'll post more clothes in the coming days," writes the "German voice"-presenterIn conclusion, she asks how her followers have the new "LeGer by Lena Gercke"-collection like The answer is clear: "One of your strongest collections," praises one user Instagram, Over 6,000 "likes" in less than an hour to support this fans O Breast Blitzer in Lena Gercke as well as the warm clothes of the models I really liked it. Recently, the GNTM star has thrilled her fans with this hot outfit.

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