Kristina Vogel: "There are days when you make me cry"



Kristina Vogel "There are days when I feel like crying"

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"Do not blame anyone"

Kristina Vogel does not mind identifying a culprit for her devastating training accident. She accepted his paraplegia and feels free with it.

World racetrack champion Kristina Vogel talks about the difficult road back to life after her serious accident. The paralyzed athlete reports great progress – and dark hours.

DOlympic track cycling champion Kristina Vogel, who is paraplegic after an accident, would like to celebrate Christmas at her home. "I hope to be released in mid-December, but my rehab is not yet complete," Erfurt wrote on Monday in response to questions from his fans on Instagram.

At the moment, the 27-year-old is still in rehab at the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin-Marzahn. "Of course, there are days when I feel like crying. Everything else would be a lie," she admitted.

Vogel collided with a Dutch pilot on June 26 on the Cottbus cycle path and has since been paralyzed by the seventh thoracic vertebra. In early September, the eleven-time world champion made his public diagnosis.

"Everything will be fine in the end"

"I see every day as a new challenge, and I'm making new progress every day. That makes me very proud," Vogel wrote to his fans. She still did not know what she would do after the hospital time. "I've always had five-year plans – all of a sudden, I do not even have a plan for the next six months," she wrote. "Of course this scares me a bit."

You never know what life has for you. "I think sometimes you have to float," said the former world-class athlete: "In the end, everything will be fine."

Among other things, Vogel documents that she works hard to find a way back to normal life in her Instagram account. You can see her doing archery or basketball in a wheelchair, for example. Vogel has proved once before that she can not be prevented by setbacks. After a serious training accident in 2009, she returned to the big sporting scene and won numerous titles.


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