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Koaltion discusses wind energy: wind from all sides

Criticism of the planned distance rules for wind turbines is getting higher. SPD Environment Minister Schulze is now in doubt about the bill drafted by CDU's Minister for Economic Affairs Altmaier – and is responsible for GroKo's upcoming dispute.

First, environmental associations, then the economy charter, now even come from the massive criticism of coalition partners: Economy Minister Peter Altmaier pushes his bill on stricter rules on the distance between wind turbines and homes with each more and more resistance. "We disagree with this proposal," says Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze. "We can't do it that way."

SPD politicians fear the goal could not be achieved by 2030 to create a 65 percent share of green electricity. "What the Ministry of Economy has presented is still not enough."

Sent by the Ministry of Environment?

Altmaier defended his design. The Ministry implemented with the climate office's remote regulatory decisions, which Schulze also agreed. This is not an "idea" of the Minister of Economy. The 2030 Climate Protection Program, with a control of 1000 meters away, was presented by the Ministry of Environment.

For Altmaier, the decline in wind power expansion has nothing to do with planned distance regulations. The main problem is that there are virtually no approved areas.

Associations Protest Storm

The German government and coalition leaders agreed in principle that between wind turbines and housing estates should be at least 1000 meters apart in order to increase acceptance by residents. The model caused a storm of protest at environmental and energy associations. Your critique: Thus, further expansion of wind energy is prevented.

Recently, the wind energy crisis has worsened once again: At Enercon, one of Germany's largest wind turbine manufacturers, some 3,000 jobs should be eliminated.

Altmaier has received support from the Union Economic Wing. "The fact is that the expansion of wind energy has already collapsed en masse today without national regulation," said Union Parliamentary Group economic policy spokesman Joachim Pfeiffer. "Currently, there is almost no acceptance for wind turbines – almost no wind turbines are built without complaints." The energy transition is only successful "if the citizens are there".

The Federal Cabinet is due to decide next Monday on the coal output law, including controversial distance rules for wind turbines. According to information from the dpa news agency, this was postponed.

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