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Jungle Camp 2020: Candidates – With Him NO ONE Expected – Celebrity TV

It's been 15 years since the first edition of "Jungle Camp" in RTL flickered on the screens. Since then, a lot has changed. The screens have become flatter and wider, streaming is a big thing, and GZSZ fans now outnumber Jeanette Biedermann. Just the RTL jungle field concept has changed almost nothing.

And soon it's time again with the next jungle adventures! Because it didn't take long until twelve brave stars and little stars in the "jungle camp" reveal their preference for cockroaches and kangaroo testicles.

"Jungle Camp" 2020: These are the new candidates

Now the first candidates for RTL transmission are also determined.

It is already the 14th Jungle Camp Relay, which will begin in January 2020. Eleven brave jungle survivors were announced on Friday night. The twelfth in the jungle league remains a mystery for now.

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With the exception of one candidate, everyone else should already be known. We'll tell you which stars are likely to change to Jungle Camp 2020.


The 11 participants of the 2020 jungle camp:

  • Sonja Kirchberger
  • Sven ottke
  • Günther Krause
  • Prince damien
  • Elena Miras
  • Anastasiya Avilova
  • Markus Reinecke
  • Antonia Komljen
  • Daniela Büchner
  • Claudia Norberg
  • Marco Cerullo


Actress Sonja Kirchberger

According to "Bild", Sonja Kirchberger – Playboy model and actress – will definitely be there next year. With many hours of sunshine, the 54-year-old woman knows that, after all, she lives with her youngest 14-year-old man in Mallorca.

Boxing Champion Sven Ottke

Who should sign up for the RTL field is boxing champion Sven Ottke. The 52-year-old multiple world champion ended his career in 2004. If he can still durchboxen, he will be screened at Jungle Camp.

Sven Ottke punched with the fight name "The Phantom". In 34 fights, he receives 34 wins, 6 of them by k.O.

CDU politician Günther Krause

And also CDU politician Günther Krause dares to jump or rather fly to Australia. The former Federal Minister of Transport (1991 to 1993) resigned after several public affairs treated as matters returned to his post. He will be able to tell many stories about it at the wildfire.

Krause was one of the first GDR politicians in the Bundestag of United Germany after reunification. As a politician, the CDU man also stands out from the celebrity crowd.

Prince DS Damien

In 2016, Prince Damien (his full name is Messiah Prince Sheridan Damien Ritzinger) won the 13th season of the DSDS. And next year, the 28-year-old wants to score again on RTL. He is said to be the fourth known participant in the jungle camp.

DSDS applicants have a special story in the jungle camp. Two DSDS celebrities have already won the jungle crown: Menderes Bagci and Joey Heindle. For Daniele Negroni, it was enough in season 12 just for 2nd place.


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Elena Miras, winner of the "Summer House of Stars"

At the "Summer House of the Stars" she was this year mainly because of her big mouth. Now Elena Miras will soon be able to open the door in the jungle. The 27-year-old, who made her television debut on the "Love Iceland" dome show, certainly confuses the camp properly.

"Temptation Island" Candidate Anastasiya Avilova

Of this participant, probably the smallest number of fans have ever heard. Anastasiya Avilova is said to join the ranks of new Australian campers. Where do you know them? From the reality format "Island of Temptation". In addition, the 31-year-old model is already a Playboy model and is bisexual.

"Junk Fox" Star Markus Reinecke

More male support received Playboy Models and Co. from none other than Markus Reinecke. The 50-year-old is known on the RTL program "The Super Dealer" and the "junk box". Its trademark: 70's pants and long hair. Hip (pie) hip (pie) live!

Antonia Komljen, DSDS Star

And another DSDS star in the jungle camp! In addition to Prince Damian, Antonia Komljen (nicknamed Toni) ventures into adventure. Smoky voice, sex tape stories – so Toni stayed in the audience of the cast show in memory. Will the 21-year-old now unravel even more slippery details of her life?


The jungle camp at RTL

  • "I'm a star – get me out of here!" It was the first time on RTL in 2004
  • Costa Cordalis was then king of the jungle
  • So far 13 squads have been broadcast from the jungle camp
  • Model is a British format from ITV
  • Until season six, Sonja Zietlow and Dirk Bach moderated
  • After Dirk Bach's death, Daniel Hartwich is the second host
  • Also in 2020 is back in the jungle. In the spring begins
  • There is always a doctor or paramedic in the jungle. Dr. Bob takes care of the candidates


Marco Cerullo, candidate for "bachelorette"

This man did not just attend the "bachelorette party". Marco Cerullo was also present at "Bachelor in Paradise". In fact, no foolish conclusion that he now wants to pay attention in the jungle. The 30-year-old trained muscle vehicle painter even won in the "Mister" election in Rhineland-Palatinate.

"Goodbye Germany" star Danni Büchner

Jens Büchner's widow also moves to the jungle camp. This is not surprising, because she wanted to be in the Australian bush in the last issue. Of course, after the death of her husband, she refused. Now she is ready for the step.

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Michael Wendler's Ex-Wife: Claudia Norberg

Michael Wendler's ex-wife Claudia Norberg is also there. For almost 30 years, they were a couple. But now the pop singer is with much younger Laura Müller (19) with her. His 51-year-old will be seen in the jungle in January. If she can last longer than Michael Wendler in the 2014 season, he capitulated after a few days. And most importantly, what stories will she tell about him at the stake?

Wendler has banned Laura from participating

Before the jungle candidates are finally determined, there is always much speculation about who will attend this year. It was also asked in the room whether Laura Müller (19), Michael Wendler's girlfriend, will participate in field jungle testing. More about Wendler's Laura and her motivations for saying "No" you'll find here >>>

She was the winner of a jungle camp in 2019

Former single candidate Evelyn Burdecki reached this year's final and eventually reached the jungle throne. With her outdated nature, the blonde, who dominated the meeting with her ex-boyfriend Domenico de Cicco with flying colors in the field, hit the hearts of the audience directly.

With what it caused recently, you can find out here >>>


All are winners of RTL Jungle Camp:

  • Season 1 (2004): Costa Cordalis
  • Season 2 (2004): Désirée Nick
  • Season 3 (2008): Ross Anthony
  • Season 4 (2009): Ingrid van Bergen
  • Season 5 (2011): Peer Kusmagk
  • Season 6 (2012): Brigitte Nielsen
  • Season 7 (2013): Joey Heindle
  • Season 8 (2014): Melanie Müller
  • Season 9 (2015): Maren Gilzer
  • Season 10 (2016): Menderes Bagci
  • Season 11 (2017): Marc Terenzi
  • Season 12 (2018): Jenny Frankhauser


Sonja Zietlow: "Hard Work"

In all likelihood, Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich will be back together in front of the camera as jungle moderators. But what looks fun on television is indeed hard work, as the former pilot recently revealed in an interview with the "Golden Camera."

"Funny, yes, easy, no, it's hard work at unusual times, but it's still very special to work with this great team in this fantastic country."


Jungle Camp – Many viewers saw on average:

  • Season 1: 6.96 million viewers
  • Season 2: 5.54 million viewers
  • Season 3: 4.86 million viewers
  • Season 4: 5.75 million viewers
  • Season 5: 7.4 million viewers
  • Season 6: 6.51 million viewers
  • Season 7: 7.26 million viewers
  • Season 8: 7.87 million viewers
  • Season 9: 6.62 million viewers
  • Season 10: 6.98 million viewers
  • Season 11: 6.52 million viewers
  • Season 12: 5.54 million viewers
  • Season 13: 5.24 million viewers


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