Jasmin Tawil (GZSZ) has long since disappeared – father expresses suspicion


Actress Jasmin Tawil, ex-GZSZ, is missing. His father is worried and "very scared". He believes his daughter has mental problems.

June 18, 2019 Update: As before, Jasmin Tawil disappeared. His father reports that until recently he still had contact with her. "She stopped because of an argument with me and her mother," reports Michael Weber RTL,

"We had a WhatsApp group, they canceled, they just gave up. I think she has mental health problems." He also knows the reason for her daughter's problems.

"My feeling tells me she suffers from the fact that the nobility has now become a father. That was the critical point," Weber suspects. "She thought she would be with him forever and start a family with him. That was her dream."

Concerned father: former GZSZ star Jasmin Tawil is missing

Cologne – Jasmin Tawil, a former GZSZ actress, disappeared without a trace for several weeks. Now your worried father is talking too. The situation is not yet clear.

The 36-year-old actress has been missing for several weeks. Her fans are worried that she's okay. There is no indication of where it currently stands.

Not even her father has contact with her. For the first time, he said in an interview with Bunte.de: "Jasmin has closed down his social media channels, he has shut down everything. I am very scared and worried about my daughter," he explains.

Video: After the separation of Adel Tawil, Jasmin's problems begin in 2014

Ex-star GZSZ missing

Jasmin Tawil was very popular during his time in "Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten". In her role as Franziska Reuter, she was one of the darlings of the GZSZ universe.

In the German cult series, it began in 2005 and stopped when her character died a few years later. 2008 was his last appearance in the series. Since then, however, it has also always been quieter about the German actress.

Jasmin Tawil emigrated after the GZSZ era

When the relationship with the well-known singer Adel Tawil broke, the actress made a decision: she decided to emigrate to the US. There she planned to start a new beginning and gain a position in Los Angeles as a singer.

The career hope in the United States, however, remained. In her social networks, she let her followers share her life with ups and downs.

Jasmin Tawil: "It's not the soap star anymore!"

Adel Tawil's ex-wife seemed to have to deal with different challenges. With parallel work, she had to stay afloat, but so far she has always managed to regain her courage, as she wrote in a post in late 2018:

"Today I am no longer the successful actress of Berlin, I am much more stranded, although stranded in America, in the streets of Hawaii. I have lost everything and yet I have won everything, and that is only the beginning of my freedom. "

Father worries: Jasmin Tawil has been missing for weeks

For a few weeks, however, there are no more posts on your channels and therefore no sign of life. Even with Father Michael, she has no contact, who cares about her daughter:

"I do not know if she actually lives or lives on the street. Someone recently wrote me that she broke her tents in America. Dubai was named as a possible destination," he shares bunte.de in an interview with.

"I have many thoughts and somehow I have to find out where she is.I would be happy alone if she gave a sign of life.That she is fine … and if she does not want to say where she is, that's fine too. main is that she responds. "

So far no trace of Jasmin Tawil

It is to be expected that the popular actress is doing well. There is no contact with Jasmin Tawil so far and therefore no trace.

Another GZSZ actress recently announced she is pregnant.



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