Is Math High School 2019 too heavy? Bavarian high school graduate puts debate in new light


Bavarian high school graduates are shocked: with a test so severe that apparently no one expected. Now there are new insights into the tasks that made the candidates sweat.

Update May 6, 7:00 PM: Much is discussed about the Bavarian Mathe-Abitur – the tasks in question have so far received quite a few people. Partial tasks in geometry and stochastics fields are now available for Ippen-Digital-Zentral resizing. Only tasks in these areas are also at the center of the wrath of the students involved.

Parts of the tasks in the field of stochastics (right) and geometry of the Bavarian postgraduate mathematics.

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Already on Sunday, some tasks were published on Twitter as a photo. Until the questions of Bavarian mathematics graduate in 2019, but in full they will be available online, it will probably take some time – with an expected publication only after the completion of the corrections.

Update of May 6 at 3:22 p.m. About 60,000 people have already signed the petition, which was initiated by Bavarian students, and requires that the classification of the Abitur examination difficulty in mathematics from Bavaria be adjusted this year. The Bavarian Ministry of Culture said the tasks would now be evaluated by the first and second broker as usual. Then you will take samples to draw conclusions. As faculty representatives, those in charge of the Ministry of Culture are not worried about a significant drop in grades. The tasks were not "exceptionally difficult".

Math-Abi 2019 in Bavaria: task not yet visible

It is difficult to understand how difficult tasks really were for outsiders. When the tasks will be available online is still not known.

Update May 6, 12:45 p.m.: The debate on the bachelor's degree in Bavarian mathematics in 2019, which should have been particularly difficult and almost insoluble this year, does not stop. The Bavarian Philology Association (bpv) now advises to wait for the first classification.

Representatives of high school teachers: "wait for the first revisions"

Benedikt Karl, spokesman for the bpv, said on Monday that only when the Abinoten math cut below the 3.1 average over previous years, one can draw serious conclusions about possibly very difficult tasks. According to many teachers, the bpv represents, among other things, the high school teachers in Bavaria, the tasks were not significantly more difficult than usual.

Unfair Bavarian school system? Student explains real problem in high school graduation debate

That in the whole discussion, in fact, a very different topic resonates with the question about classification, unfortunately, completely. Thus, student David (19), who also co-wrote in this year's exams and therefore wants to be mentioned here only by his first name, said that the real problem is the Bavarian school system in its entirety. Thus, Bavarian students constantly swallow the feeling of injustice, said the 19 year old and gives some examples.

So in some states, a high school diploma exam in math is not necessary; in other states, on the other hand, there are other groups of tasks and a greater choice for the students themselves, what tasks they want to solve. Even the unannounced tests of homework, in Bavaria called "Ex", and a scientifically solid work in the upper grades were only in Bavaria, but not in other Usus states.

Student criticizes Bavarian school system: "Bavarian high school diploma" does not bring benefits

That the Bavarian Abitur would then be referred to in retrospect as a "high school diploma" is still "ridiculous" so David, because in universities, the graduates of Bavaria therefore not preferred, so the first year students of other federal states in the advantage, as they facilitate the desired Clausi could achieve.

Update May 6, 5:55 p.m.: Despite student protests against the mathematics matriculation examination, the president of the German Teachers Association sees no signs that the tasks were very difficult. "On the Internet, enthusiasm can be mobilized very quickly, which is why we should wait and see," Association president Heinz-Peter Meidinger of the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung (Online) said.

Meidinger leads a grammar school in Deggendorf in Bavaria and said: "Without anticipating the outcome of the final evaluation: The trend shows for Bavaria, the scores are in the average of the Abi exams in math." If there are signs of a difficult examination, you have more to consider a reevaluation. "But there are no signs at the moment."

Abi Mathematics Too Heavy? Specialist has advice for students – and appeal to policy

Update May 5 at 5:22 PM: Meanwhile, there is also a statement from the Bavarian Philological Association (bpv) for the application on the 2019 registrations The bpv represents the only association specifically the teachers of schools and secondary schools and therefore also those who correct the high school diploma of mathematics.

Its president, Michael Schwägerl, commented to the petition: "If students feel that the final exam is the most difficult, then this is understandable and a deeply human reaction." Looking at the results of recent years, we recognize that averages differ only in We are proud of Bavarian Abitur's high standards, so let's wait and see the results. first. "

Math-Abi 2019 too heavy? "It may be natural that …"

Florian Borges, bpv's head of mathematics, sees the situation as similar: "In the exam this year, no content out of the curriculum was needed. It may be natural that there was some surprise on the assignments, but a fair share of non-standardized tasks , more demanding and problem-oriented, offers, after all, a quest for general higher education and must master more than prescription reproduction techniques.All levels must be adequately represented and, according to initial reports of colleagues, the Party A, in particular, was very viable this year.A lot of local colleagues share the assessment that on the whole it was a very fair task.In this sense, we are surprised by the reaction now. "

Therefore, Schwägerl advises high school graduates: "Do not skip the math test. Now, focus fully on the next tasks and three more tests, and wait for the result." And he appeals to the policy: "What teachers The students were better prepared for Abitur and now it's time to correct the work (usually on weekends or at night). "

Abi Mathematics Too Heavy? Now the Minister of Education reports – with a clear statement

May 5, 3:41 PM Update: I hope that Münchner Merkur Bavarian Culture Minister Michael Piazolo said about free voters:

"We take students' advice seriously about the difficulty level of the Abitur exercises in math and we will carefully examine the assignments, in doing so we will include our experts in the schools and in the departments of the Ministerial Commissioners. "

In addition, a representative of the Ministry said that the tasks for Abitur are always removed from a set of tasks, from which the other federal states make up their Abitur exams. This is the only way to achieve comparability and fairness among all countries.

So far, however, in no other state have there been similar complaints.

Update May 5, 10:50 am: According to information from Münchner Merkur, the Ministry of Culture ensured the review of events. More information will follow during the day.

Meanwhile, teachers like Bettina Cornean (26), who currently teaches mathematics at a private school in Munich and founded an innovative form of math tutoring as part of this process, are also making their voices heard. Of the more than 150 students who accepted this offer in the last four years, none of them had failed, the young teacher.

Math Abitur in Bavaria: 2019 significantly heavier than last year

This year, for the first time, some of the 40 students who support them in the 2019 graduation exam would be afraid of not passing the exam. She learned from the students based on exams from previous years. There is no other way to prepare, says Cornean. The 2018 graduation, however, had been "a joke" compared to this year's tasks, which were clearly very heavy, according to Cornean.

In addition, there are usually always tasks that are well-suited for students of all abilities, so that even the worst in case of doubt would have no problems due to a single subject. These tasks have also disappeared this year.

Math-Abi 2019 very difficult in Bavaria: Selection "between the plague and the cholera"

As reported by Cornean, before beginning the exam, teachers have the task of selecting, from two drafts, the most appropriate for their students. This was the same choice this year as "between the plague and the cholera".

The 26-year-old considers it "unfair" that passing the Bachelor's degree depends on the year of enrollment and that you are fortunate enough to take a light education exam, such as in 2018, or simply worry about the series, as this year . need.

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First announcement May 4: Math-Abi is very difficult? Students begin to petition in schools in Bavaria

"Now we are in the repression phase," complains Alina W., a student from Ingolstadt. Some 37,000 Bavarian graduates started last Friday (May 3, 2019) for Mathematics-Abitur. Of course, nervousness and excitement are there – but all of its tranquility fails. This year's exam was very difficult! In it, students and teachers agree.

Math-Abi 2019: "It will be a disappointing result"

"It will be a disappointing result," predicts Alina. Although the scope of analysis was still appropriate, especially geometry and stochastic had been problematic.

She is not alone in this assessment; Other high school graduates from Bavaria also report that the last two parts of the exam were as difficult as none of Abitur's previous examinations. The students do not want to sit like that. A petition to the Bavarian Ministry of Culture has begun.

Petition against very heavy mathematics – Abi 2019 started

"We, high school graduates, are asking to lower Abitur's math key in Bavaria in 2019 and adapt it to the level of difficulty," he says.

Supporting students should also get some teachers, which also surprised the sudden increase in the level of difficulty. Alina W. also recalls what her teacher had said the morning before graduation that it was feasible, though not as easy as 2018. Other math teachers, on the other hand, were not so smart; they had pronounced the dark reality.

Reactions after graduation

A reality that many graduates seem to feel similar to. Immediately after the examination, resignation and excitement prevailed, Alina W. describes the mood. Other students report that tears were also reported in their schools, some left early and everyone is desperate.

And all this despite the intensive preparations. "Before that, I thought that I really can not have completely strange tasks and I understood, in principle, most things. I also went through the old exams several times," said Alina W. confidently before the exam. After graduation, however, everyone would have been bothered by the significantly higher level of difficulty compared to previous years.

After petition against Abi very heavy: notes should not be a matter of luck

Now adolescents have no choice but to place their hopes on the petition. They have already reached 20,000 signatures. After all – it says in the comments – it must be "no matter what luck you get, what note you get, depending on the year you write."

In high school exams, there are always smaller or larger collapses – so also in these cases.

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