How it will change the hierarchy


The move from Bayern's Mats Hummels to the BVB is fixed. explains why the world champion will turn the hierarchy in Dortmund completely upside down.

Flashback, February 2018: For some moments there was a lot of excitement on Säbener Straße. "Lewy, you're serious, are you seriously damaging your shoes? Shit shit!" Mats Hummels roared at Robert Lewandowski, as he rarely sees himself as a spectator of record-makers.

Fix: Hummels switches to BVB!

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The reason: According to the "Bild", the Polish star tied the shoelace while an attack ran – the team lost a training game. Hummels was beside himself! Lewandowski did not know what was happening to him.

Bayern: Moderate Hummels Lewandowski

"You just lost the ball," the striker told the defender. The German (at the time) international responded: "That's a mistake but with you is the attitude." The limits were wagered. The zoff training is symbolic of the critical nature and Hummels' attitude as leader.

The Hau-on division was previously the work of Matthias Sammer at Bayern. "Motzki" named the media. Football fans who like rhetorically useful, have moved to.

Hummels and Sammer lost each other. The former sports director announced his departure in July 2016, he needed a break from the exhausting business. World champion Hummels returned to his hometown a few weeks later.

Hummels and Sammer were the last opponents

They were opponents last season. Hummels, resurgent leader of the series champion FC Bayern. Sammer, adviser to the great rival of the Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund.

When Signal Iduna Park's TV camera addressed BVB chief Hans-Joachim Watzke, Sammer used to sit next to the 59-year-old man, whispered a few words in the Westphalia director's ear, as if he knew how the director The videographer instructs. Was it one of those seconds when he told Watzke to bring Hummels back – a real leader?

The BVB has excellent players. Thomas Delaney – the driver of Denmark; Axel Witsel – Belgium's eighth dynamic; Marco Reus – the inimitable player of time. In particular, Captain Reus made a giant leap in terms of personality. But in the crucial phase of the season lost what carries all. Hummels could be this guy – and also sound the alarm in critical phases.

Hummels still started with Löw

Flashback, Fall 2013. The central defender brought the very stable Joachim Loew system to the world's national team of joints: "The DFB does not like criticism," he said – publicly.

At that time, Hummels was 24 years old. The German Football Association, as a much older federation, was forced to put things in order. "That you can not criticize the DFB is new to me, and I told him that too," said Löw: "We are mature and professional and even happy with constructive criticism." Hummels had cleverly revealed a vulnerability – and played with Löw in the next three games no more. Nine months later, they were in Rio de Janeiro as world champion in arms.

Bayern: Kovac fought with Hummels

Also at Bayern Huckels cornered for the last time – to succeed. Flashback, July 2018, FC Bayern training camp in Tegernsee. Coach Niko Kovac played loudly on his pipe in Rottach-Egern. Once. Twice. 3 times. The stars must sign autographs after the work is done. Hummels and Thomas Müller, however, preferred to sit in a golf cart and remained seated in the whistling room.

At this point, one can guess how difficult it would be for the Croatian coach to face Hummels. Being subordinate is not his. But it was also difficult months for him. He no longer had speed and speed in the DFB Cup final against Eintracht Frankfurt (1: 3) – it seemed he could no longer compete at the highest level.

However, he fought back and was the great asset in the decisive weeks. Four times in a row, Hummels had already lost the final of the DFB Cup (2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2017/18). In Berlin, this time he was the one who clearly felt satisfaction, stroked the trophy several times and then led him to the curve.

Hummels: as Bayern's leader for the BVB

Both clubs have now negotiated the transfer, the "kicker" reported the transfer on Wednesday afternoon as a fixed: For a fee of 38 million euros Hummels to switch to BVB, insert and success rates included. As the "Bild" previously reported, his salary will be ten million euros per year. To start 30 years. Only Reus won so much according to BVB Statista, Hummels is readily top of sales. Significant. Dortmund was looking for a leader. The club may have found it in Hummels.

Former BVB coach Ottmar Hitzfeld believes that a return action makes sense. "A leader in the defense – like Mats Hummels is – lost Dortmund last season," said the BVB champion coach in 1995 and 1996, the "Sport Bild." This will bring back an exciting title fight in the Bundesliga, the 70-year-old said.


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