Hololens in the US military: "Almost like a real-world version of Call of Duty"


The North American news channel CNBC could already try out the Integrated Visual Enhancement System, IVAS. The US Army is working with Microsoft to develop the ubiquitous augmented reality headset, which is obviously not based on the first version of Hololens, but on the second generation lighter, with an additional field of view better. At the back of the device is a small computer and a battery installed.

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When CNBC reporter Kyle Walsh was allowed to assemble the product, he contacted him directly "a real-world version of Call of Duty" remember. The headset displays a strategic map of the industry when looking at the floor. In addition, carriers at the top of the monitors will see a 3D version of a compass with directional display in degrees. "If that sounds familiar, you can be a gamer."says Walsh. First-person shooters, such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG and Call of Duty, are reporting such information.

Reflex vision and thermal vision in one

In addition to this information, the IVAS can also highlight people in the dark, such as a standard Thermalsichtger├Ąt. However, the AR headset should not shine so strongly green – for potential enemies, an indicator of where your opponent is. The modified Hololens 2 has a front camera. The headset also displays a target optics, as a substitute for holographic or reflex views. This allows the soldiers to look with their glasses.

"It's not just for combat missions."says Ryan McCarthy, undersecretary of the US Army, the station. Instructors should be able to collect statistics and data on soldiers during training and increase their accuracy. The system should also read the heart rate. In training situations, such as invading a building with virtual opponents, the IVAS records, where soldiers first looked on the stage.

However, the images that CNBC was able to capture make it clear that even on the Hololens 2 platform, the IVAS is too clumsy to wear a helmet and therefore standard equipment. In addition, it is not yet fully developed and had to be restarted during the demonstration.

Next, it remains to see how Microsoft reacts to the continuing protests of its own officials against the military project.


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