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Helene Fischer: Tears in the Middle of ARD – What Happened After the Show

Finding your ex in the eyes of a million people in a surprising way should be very good. Image: osnapix / imago

Helene Fischer surprises Florian Silbereisen – what happened after the show

For pop fans, it must have been the spiritual highlight of the year: On Saturday night, they met – percussion goddess Helene Fischer and hitman Florian Silbereisen. A good ten months after the breakup and until ARD prime time.

Things are there!

Fischer visited host "Schlagerboom 2019" as a (third) surprise guest on his ARD show on Saturday night. Silbereisen began to cry in surprise. Most recently, the two were together in January 2019 at the "Schlagerchampions" on stage.

"Wow, that tore me a little," said Silbereisen – they were both in the arms of the successful fans cheering. Helene Fischer took advantage of the performance to talk about the man who replaced Silbereisen in her life.

From this package Helene Fischer came out on Saturday night. ard Screenshot-

In the Dortmund event hall and in front of the TV, many fans wondered if the supposed "surprise blow" was really – or rather a well-calculated appearance of Fischer, to fuel the hype about his probably brief break again.

"Schlagerboom 2019": Helene Fischer surprises Florian Silbereisen

Beside "Bild," Fischer said, "When I was asked if I'd like to show up for Florian's birthday, I said yes right away, I really wanted that." The pop singer had already been smuggled into the live show without Silbereisen's knowledge.

Fine, if the camera is there. Image: imago images / Image of the future

In a locker room without a badge, champagne and fruit piccolos were served until they appeared. Meanwhile, on the Whatsapp, Fischer Silbereisen had ensured that she certainly would not be in Dortmund that night.

The fact that Silbereisen didn't want to see his ex-girlfriend again at work, Fischer didn't remember: "It was an incredibly warm feeling to see Florian again, there's nothing between us, we are still best friends and we make phone calls."

Florian Silbereisen: Tears After Meeting Helene Fischer

According to the "Bild" report, Fischer visited after his acclaimed appearance and not the post-show party, the Silbereisens had invited them still on the show. A mega star, she brought a driver straight home. The adoption was "cordial" and could denounce the "image".

Even Silbereisen was enthusiastically quoted by the newspaper that night: "We are friends and we are not melancholy, but it is pure joy to see Helene again today, which is why I shed a few tears, they were tears of joy."

Well that's good …


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