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Helene Fischer talks about the Mini-Bauch – sweet explanation for the fans


Helene Fischer was changed into an entrepreneur's birthday party. Now the singer has commented on her future plans, her appearance is also mentioned.

June 7, 2019 Update: Helene Fischer has been an indispensable part of German show business for years. For months, however, the singer enjoys a private break, even public appearances or even postings on his social media channels are an absolute rarity. On the occasion of a birthday, however, a few days ago Helene dared to make a mini-return on the stage. For a single appearance, the 34-year-old actress interrupted her break. His altered appearance was noticed by some fans on public networks.

Now the pop singer has released her first testimonial for months. In her Instagram account, the beautiful blonde talks about her break and her new project. Despite her withdrawal from the public, Helene is soon on the road again musically. At the same time, the 34-year-old man mentions the change in appearance that has been mentioned by many fans: "I'm already looking forward to many more beautiful moments with you – but I hope you do not mind if I continue on this path of preciousness ". Going to human life and life and just let the job be and enjoy life to the fullest, with all the accompaniments – even with a few pounds more at ease – because this is how life proves. "

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My dear, for a while it was a little quieter around me and I did not say. You know, when I'm doing something, then, one hundred percent, and also this phase of being offline, I'm currently using it to focus on my family and friends and get away from everything that has happened in the last two years. recover something and recharge your batteries for new things! And just in those phases, I realize how prosperous and rich life can be because you really do not need much to be happy. Realizing this, accept it, thankfully looking forward to each day and giving the same back to loved ones is just a luxury for me now! At no time did I forget the golden moments we experienced together and that I was allowed to experience through you. On the contrary – I'm already looking forward to many more beautiful moments with you – but I hope you do not mind if I continue to go this valuable and human way of life and just leave the work job and be enjoying life to the maximum with all the trimmings – even with a few more piles of feeling good – because life has such a taste But that does not mean I was completely inactive … so today I have a first word for you! Because when I did not expect anything, I received the request to sing the title song of a beautiful movie. I have to tell you, I felt good and I immediately fell in love !!! "See You Again" is the title of the movie TRAUMFABRIK! A sensitive, moving, funny and simply great movie that you should not miss this summer in theaters from July 4th! It's about a moving love story that begins at Filmstudio Babelsberg and is threatened by the Berlin Wall. Click here and be kidnapped in the summer of 1961! I loved …: You can find the link in the Biography. Take care, dear ones, take care of yourself and I'll call your Helene now and then

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His fans are enthusiastic about the honest words, under the contribution of the singer, the positive resonances accumulating: "Enjoy your life! You more than deserved it," "There is absolutely no need for justification, for nothing!" And "Light all the time in the world, "many fans of the singer show understanding.

Now it is clear that there will soon be another private concert by Helene Fischer.

June 4, 2019 Update: On the occasion of his 80th birthday, contractor Günter Papenburg hired Helene Fischer for a private concert last Saturday. Now the Jubilee says how Schlagerqueen's unique performance went to him. "It was a great party. My employees were very pleased, that was very important to me," Papenburg enthuses about the photo. Apparently, it is not the first time the construction giant enjoys a first-class event. According to the photo, Harald Juhnke († 75) appeared on his 50th birthday, 15 years later Udo Jürgens, also deceased.

Helene Fischer has changed significantly in private concert – photos show what she looks like now

June 3, 2019 Update: Last Saturday, Helene Fischer finally returned to the stage after months off. For contractor Günter Papenburg, the 34-year-old gave an exclusive concert at the Tui Arena in Hannover on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Not just in her honor, the singer made a serenade. Her own father was also among the concert guests and celebrated her 66th birthday on Saturday, as Helene Fischer revealed.

The video shows changed Helene Fischer

A video on Bild.de (paid content) shows a relaxed and visibly recovered Helene Fischer, who seemed to enjoy standing on stage after the long break. In her clothing, the singer decided not for a strident dressing as usual, but for a comparatively medium look. She wore high waist trousers, a lace top and a sleeveless coat – all in black. Also technically coiffed, the singer opted for a natural look and left his hair – which, incidentally, showed a clear approach – hang without much open style.

The "new" Helene Fischer can also be seen in Instagram photos.

Helene Fischer gave private concert to this lion of the building: Mega sum paid for the whole party

May 31, 2019 Update: Helene Fischer will perform on Saturday at the Tui Arena in Hanover, in front of 5,000 to 6,000 guests. The occasion is the 80th anniversary of businessman Günter Papenburg.

"Around 8:30 p.m., her performance starts, lasts about 90 minutes, and then there's a special Helene Fischer firework," says Papenburg now portrait,

According to the report, the whole party will cost about one million euros. How much of this is due to Gage in Helene Fischer, or whether she is there for the fun of joy, is unknown and can continue to be speculated.

Helene Fischer: Mann invited her to a birthday party this Saturday – and she's coming

May 30, 2019 Update: Not just for an interview with Frank Elstner (see the original article below) interrupts Helene Fischer in his break. She even gives a concert!

Günter Papenburg, who celebrated his 80th birthday on May 28, holds an exclusive party at the Tui Arena in Hanover. The contractor had committed to the 75th birthday just Udo Jürgens. What can come next? Of course, Helene Fischer. high HAZ Schlagerqueen will perform at the private party in Papenburg on Saturday. Also Bunte.de was confirmed the event.

Günter Papenburg gives himself and the guests Helene Fischer a birthday.

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Anyone who is as fat in business as Papenburg, but can not be said of an intimate celebration, however: 5000-6000 guests are expected. Of course, just at the birthday invitation, fans of "normal" Helene Fischer are left blank.

For many fans of the singer, who believed in an interval of their idol, the news is a surprise. This can be seen on Facebook, among others. But Papenburg had actually confirmed the performance in December against HAZJust not hanging on the big bell. "The whole event is not public," he emphasized at the time.

Helene Fischer accepted Papenburg's invitation to perform on her 80th birthday. If she does it because she likes him so much, or if this beautiful summer is not known.

Video: Helene Fischer interrupts his break for him

Helene Fischer Feeling: Finally She Stops Her Breakup

Our article of May 28, 2019:

Berlin – For months, the Schlagerqueen Helene Fischer does not have much to hear. The 34-year-old retired from the crowd. After the gigantic tour last year and the confusion over the separation of longtime friend Florian Silbereisen, the singer pauses and enjoys her new love with Thomas Seitel. No apparition, no concert and also in their social media profiles there is radio silence.

Helene Fischer interrupts the time limit – for this man

For fans, the withdrawal of their idol is anything but easy. On Instagram and Facebook are worried and sometimes angry comments from followers of Helene Fischer. But now there is good news: how portrait Helene Fischer interrupts her break – for a very specific man. TV veteran Frank Elstner (77), who has developed countless successful TV formats for German television (including "Wetten, dass …?"), Is the singer on his YouTube talk show "Wetten, das war & # 39; s ..? "I invited. And the wish of the cult host, who recently made public his Parkinson's disease, the successful star does not seem to refuse.

Frank Elstner recently released his Parkinson's disease.

© dpa / Patrick Seeger

Helene Fischer interview in secret location

Where the interview is going to happen is still a secret. "I still do not know where our team will take us, but of course I'm looking forward to the conversation. I'm very curious about what Helene Fischer has to say to me on my show," Elstner von portrait quoted. The meeting will take place next Thursday. Online there's the show then expected in June. The moderator recently went into ecstasy over Helene Fischer.

About his illness, Frank Elstner recently spoke extensively with Markus Lanz on his talk show.

June 4, 2019 Update: By the way, there is news about the promise of Helene Fischer Tattoo by Sophia Thomalla. She had bent over the window last year and announced after a lost bet to get a tattoo of Helene Fischer. So far, all traces of him are missing. In the celebrity special of "Who wants to be a millionaire," she explained now, the reason for it.

Nadja Abd el Farrag, incidentally Naddel, also made a great change. She broke away from her body mark.

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