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Helene Fischer enters the stage, Florian Silbereisen leaves the room

Helene Fischer celebrated her return to TV Friday night at the Golden Henne. Florian Silbereisen was also present at the awards ceremony. But when his ex entered the stage, he was no longer seen in the hall.

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In December 2018, Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer announced their dating in a completely surprising way. That was almost two years ago. The moderator and the singer would have separated in peace and are still friends. So the two never lost a bad word about each other, and the 36-year-old was also invited to his shows several times after the split.

Helene Fischer celebrates return to TV

But when Helene Fischer received the Golden Chicken from Kai Pflaume on Friday night, Florian Silbereisen was no longer present in the hall. The chair next to Thomas Anders was suddenly free.

During Helene Fischer's appearance: Thomas Anders sits at the table without Florian Silbereisen.  (Source: MDR / Screenshot)During the participation of Helene Fischer: Thomas Anders is sitting at the table without Florian Silbereisen. (Source: MDR / Screenshot)

Shortly before, the 39-year-old actor was on stage. The moderator had praised Ramon Roselly. He won Golden Hen in the “Revelation of the Year” category. But even 20 minutes later, Silbereisen was not back in his place. Only Thomas Anders was filmed, the chair in which his duet partner was sitting was no longer in the photo.

Where was Florian Silbereisen?

Florian Silbereisen did not return to his place until shortly after 10 pm. But where has the moderator been for so long? Did he intentionally miss his ex-girlfriend’s performance? Or was it completely different and he talked to her backstage? Because Helene Fischer’s appearance ended at 9:45 pm. Then, the two could be behind the scenes.

Florian Silbereisen returned shortly after 10 pm.  (Source: MDR / Screenshot)Florian Silbereisen returned shortly after 10 pm. (Source: MDR / Screenshot)

One thing is certain, however: Florian Silbereisen returned in time to receive the award. Together with Thomas Anders, the 39-year-old won the Golden Hen award in the “Music” category. Götz Alsmann delivered the laudatory speech.

Helene Fischer was also honored. The 36-year-old actress received the trophy for her Christmas show in the “Entertainment” category. Incidentally, for the singer it is the eighth Golden Chicken.

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