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Heidelberg / Munich: Student Hubertus has disappeared without a trace – Mysterious Missing Person Case


Hubertus K., 23, from Munich, is missing. At the time of his disappearance, the student stayed in Heidelberg.

  • After a stay in Heidelberg Hubertus K., 23, is away Munich missing since November 3, 2019.
  • O police determined in all directions.
  • Divers did not succeed in Neckar wanted, now again a measure has been started there.

November 16 update at 12:36 pm: The disappearance of Munich student Hubertus K. remains mysterious. For almost two weeks, all traces of the young are gone. After the tracking dogs had repeatedly struck Neckar, the 23-year-old could not be tracked despite large-scale research. * explains police spokesman Michael Klump that it is not yet clear how long after the student will be searched. "There is no specific time. Each case of missing person is different, it must be decided on a case by case basis," explains Klump. But the evidence of detector dogs is therefore not the only clue to pursue. As the police spokesman explained later, he continued to receive evidence from the population.

November 15, 16:30 Patch: The search for Hubertus K. was again unsuccessful. That reports *, O police According to the report, according to the report, it was not found in the Neckar River area, which was examined on Friday. O river police He had been looking for divers at the bottom of Neckar in Heidelberg for five hours.

O forces used the sonar device of the "Fluviale Company de Gendamerie du Rhin". Special float sonar groped all over the floor Search area starting. "No abnormalities were detected," police said aloud.*.

Hubertus K. (23) disappeared in Heidelberg after night: New track?

November 15th Update at 1pm: Meanwhile one has police divers get in the water. He is looking for ice cream Neckar (whose temperature is currently at six degrees) in the Heuscheuer / Marstall area. There, a search dog apparently attacked in the morning. * tracks measurements on the live clock.

Munich student after night in missing Heidelberg: special searching device in use

Update November 15, 12 hours: Again, a Mantrailer dog in Neckar has the trail of missing thunder like * reported. police divers They are now ready for use in water. One of the animals had already reached last Sunday (November 10).

November 15, 11:30 AM Update: Since this morning the search for Hubertus K. continued. That's what police spokesman Michael Klump has to face * confirmed. Again, investigators' actions focus on Neckar,

When Vermisstensuche arrives, a special sonar float is used, which is pulled by a police boat. He currently sweeps the bottom of the river. The sonar float can produce high resolution images of the neck floor. "As soon as there is evidence that something has been found, divers are used," police spokesman Klump explains.

Munich student in Heidelberg missing: Neckar research initially unsuccessful

Update November 13, 9:30 AM: Hubertus K. has been missing for nine days. Police are still looking for the 23-year-old. On Tuesday, no new evidence was received, such as police spokesman Michael Klump. * reported.

Where is Hubertus K.? Heidelberg police are now looking for the young Munich.

© Police Heidelberg

There is no commitment yet for other research measures. Investigations are happening around the missing student. "All relevant locations are searched and all indications verified," police spokesman Klump explains. The disappearance of the 23-year-old also reports *,

Missing student (23) in Heidelberg: unsuccessful Neckar search – police explain other actions

November 12 update at 5:20 pm: The search for the missing student Hubertus K. from Munich continue On Tuesday (November 12) you have information of police continued their search for the young man. The portal told the DLRG Heidelbergthat the police cannot receive more concrete information about the search for reasons of determination tactics.

For information on However, the search did not occur in the morning. Therefore, it is unclear when the research will take place and how it will work.

Hubertus K: Heidelberg Police "Still Under Pressure"

November 11, 4:50 PM Update: For almost a week is the 23 year old Hubertus K. in Munich has disappeared. high have the police spokesman in HeidelbergMichael Klump confirms that no crime, accident or suicide can be ruled out. O police "Keep looking for the missing person," he explained. Currently, information on the immediate vicinity of the missing person would be investigated.

The weekend ended with two bloodhounds followed by a possible Hubertus K. track. portrait initially reported that the dogs had hit, no significant leads were found in the city of Munich. Now, on Tuesday, the police would like to search the beagle again students Submit. According to Klump, he does not lead the police but the German Red Cross and DLRG continue the search with the dog. More information will be provided to the police department.

Updated on November 10, 17:05: There is still uncertainty in the case of the missing Hubertus K. Munich, now finally a trace has emerged! As Bild reports, he must be sought since Sunday afternoon in the Old Bridge area of ​​Heidelberg. This mission is said to have hit a beagle now.

According to the report, water police should be taken immediately with special search dogs. By 15:30, the dog would have hit, a second dog should then at 15:50, also in the same place.

as portrait You want to know that more divers are now looking for the young. To this end, transportation in the Old Town area of ​​Heidelberg should have been completely discontinued. According to the missing person's friends are on the beach, the search is done. Meanwhile, the search was interrupted because of the darkness, however.

There is also a mysterious missing case in Leipzig: where is Maja, 19?

Update on November 8 at 13:50: In search of the missing Hubertus K. Mannheim police have already received "relatively many" tips. This has spokesman Michael Klump on Friday afternoon across * confirmed. However, the decisive tip was not there until now.

The 23-year-old probably dropped a crime to the victim? "Currently we can not rule out anything. We stopped everything that could be considered," explains police spokesman Klump. Riddle is now also the InstagramYoung account. This was according to information from * now set to "nonpublic". Previously, there were still private photos of 23-year-olds to see.

November 8, 9:15 AM Update: Hubertus K. stay out. Now the Munich police again expressly ask for support in the Looking for the 23 year old missing"After the previous research was unsuccessful, colleagues from the Mannheim police asked us to share the article here in Munich. Please keep your eyes open," reads on Twitter. Attached is the corresponding witness call from 5 November.

Student missing from Munich after night in Heidelberg – Friends report mysterious details

November 7 16:02 Patch: There are no traces of Hubertus K. yet from Munich. As Bild now wants to know, all previous police research bumped into the void. As the sheet reports, the young man must be a member of the "Curonia" fraternity. Hubertus K. is said to have attended an event with a colleague from the association on Sunday night.

On the way to another house, contact with the 23-year-old was interrupted. On the 100-meter path, the track loses to Hubertus. "It is rumored that Hubertus, instead of us, wanted to go to the friendly house of friends for his girlfriend. It is said that his friend ran to the train station to return home," one student told Bild.

But, as the newspaper reports, the missing person's companion should not have arrived at the station. Instead, the young man woke up outdoors and filthy. Even the boy's valuables were missing, Hans-Georg R. therefore had a break in the cinema.

A friend of the missing explains to Bild that Hubertus K. is a drink-resistant young man. "Hubertus was last registered in Munich, but studied law at Augsburg and used to stay there at the connecting house. They drink almost every day and especially brandy," she explains. No one can imagine the fact that the young man voluntarily disappeared or jumped into Neckar.

Mannheim Police spokesman Michael Klump explains to Bild: "We do what is humanly possible, the search for the missing person continues at full speed. Today, water police colleagues with several divers in Neckar are on their way. However, there is still no advantage. " According to this, about six divers in three groups since early morning in use.

Munich disappears after night in Heidelberg – police meanwhile

November 7 update at 9:10 am: The police have no intentional clues yet to provide information on what to do withHubertus K. in Heidelberg It happened. This was confirmed by a police spokesman on Thursday morning. *, The research continues. As long as the there is a terrible suspicion that the missing person has fallen on Neckar Water police are also alerted and will take further action. Heidelberg police are in close contact with Munich officials.

November 7, 7:40 AM Update: Since Monday (November 4), runs the dramatic search for Hubertus K. – and so far there is no evidence of disappearance. The police are looking for the Old Town in Heidelberg with dogs and civil servants, because here the 23-year-old was last seen as * reported.

Munich after night in Heidelberg – police seriously suspect

Updated November 6, 2019 at 2:43 pm: Where is Hubertus K.? All traces of the 23-year-old man from Munich are still missing. As police spokesman Michael Klump now in front portrait explains that all police measures initiated so far have been unsuccessful. But the police are still looking for Munich. "Currently, police patrols are also traveling with dogs and police officials in the old town," Klump explains.

Although so far there is no evidence of Hubertus K.'s whereabouts, Klump expresses a terrible suspicion in his conversation with the newspaper: "We fear that the drunken youth has probably fallen and may be in a helpless situation or somewhere could also have landfilled and collapsed in Neckar. But all these are speculations, so we are urgently dependent on instructions. "

Enigmatic Disappearance: Munich After Night in Heidelberg

November 6, 2019 Patch at 10:02 AM: There is still confusion in the case of the missing Hubertus K. of Munich. As police have now told Heidelberg, 24 the 23-year-old disappeared Sunday night Monday and not as the first thought on Tuesday.

It is still unclear under what circumstances the young man disappeared. Police have not yet confirmed to Heidelberg24 whether important information has already been received by police.

Enigmatic Disappearance: Munich After Night in Heidelberg – Photo published by police

Certificate of Origin dated 5 November 2019: Heidelberg – where is it Hubertus K. from Munich? This is the question asked by Heidelberg police since the morning of Tuesday. The last sign of life came to friends shortly after midnight, since that moment all traces of the young man are missing. Now launched the Police Heidelberg A picture of the 23 year old.

Heidelberg: Munich Hubertus K. errs – Police Post Photo

At the moment of your disappearance Hubertus K. stayed in Heidelberg. Overnight Monday through Tuesday, the young man traveled with friends in the Old Town, where the 23-year-old was last seen. Around midnight, it is said that young Munich is leaving a house in the New Castle Lane has been seen by friends. As police explain, Hubertus K. was at the time drunk, but oriented and mobile.

However, as it cannot be ruled out that the 23-year-old is in a helpless situation, Heidelberg police now turn to the public. "There is currently no evidence of suicidal thoughts or life-threatening illnesses," police said in a statement.

Where is the missing Hubertus K.? Heidelberg Police Post Photo

A published image should now help find 23-year-old Hubertus K. In addition, the police released a personal description Young According to Hubertus K. it is described as 190 to 195 cm in height and with an athletic figure. His short blond hair dresses the 23-year-old with a side parting. The 23-year-old has a nose scar, speaks standard German and has no car.

At the time of his disappearance, Hubertus K. was dressed in beige pants, a light blue shirt, blue shoes, and a brown jacket. On her wrist was clearly visible the so-called connection band. Your luggage is in your girlfriend in Heidelberg, the 23-year-old Hubertus K.'s cell phone. Although it had with him, but it is turned off.

Munich missing after staying in Heidelberg – police go public

Although the 23-year-old was reported missing shortly after his disappearance, he was previous research actions inconclusive.

Information about police emergency call 110 or the Kriminaldauerdienst of the Kriminalpolizeidirektion Heidelberg, Tel: 0621 / 174-4444 or any other police station.

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