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Heavy accident at A 1 in Wildeshausen


At A1 in Wildeshausen there was a serious traffic accident in the morning with a fatality. This was reported by the police.

Thus, the accident occurred shortly after six o'clock in the morning in the direction of Hamburg between the junctions Wildeshausen West and Wildeshausen North.

According to police, a two-person BMW was driven to the construction site at a very high speed, in which a top speed of 40 km is actually prescribed. At the construction site, the 30-year-old driver hit a slow Mitsubishi from the Steinfurt district, which was also occupied by two people. Her driver was about to overtake a truck. The 68-year-old driver's car, which was traveling with a 47-year-old passenger, came right into the next room, turned several times and caught fire.

Rescuers were able to recover the seriously injured 47-year-old passenger from the burning car and tried to contain the fire with fire extinguishers. However, it was no longer possible to release the driver from the car. She died in the car.

The BMW driver arrived a few hundred yards further, with the vehicle stopped at the side. He and his 29-year-old passenger were slightly injured. In the course of the investigation of the accident, it was discovered that the 30-year-old man was under the influence of alcohol. The prosecution ordered a blood test and confiscated the driver's license.

The severely injured 47-year-old passenger was initially taken to the hospital with a rescue helicopter. As the police later added, there is danger to life due to the seriousness of the injuries. The man is transferred to a special clinic.

The two slightly injured people were taken by ambulance to nearby clinics. A specialist was called in for the crash recording. Both accident cars were confiscated and towed.

The A1 had to be fully closed in the direction of Hamburg for several hours. Around 11.15 am the suspension was suspended.

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