GZSZ shock: Most unpopular actress of all time back!


Fans will wonder: what's right for them now?

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GZSZ-SChock for all fans: The Daily's most unpopular actress ever returns to the Berlin borough and causes big problems.

Berlin – With its participation in "Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten" (GZSZ), one of the main actors of Germany's most popular daily soap was followed by very bad times. Brenda, played by Annabella Zetsch (26), made Luis life to hellFor months, she harassed the student, sent bad videos about him through the area and then blackmailed him. It was so far away that Luis was on the verge of suicide. Fans were very relieved when the actress left the neighborhood and announced her departure from GZSZ. But now RTL shocked with a message: Annabella Zetsch aka Brena returns!

GZSZ-Brenda: Most Unpopular Actress of All Time?

GZSZ has been blinking on German TVs for more than 25 years, providing great voltage potential with a variety of stories. It is also understandable that there are some stories that the public does not like. One of them was about Luis, Brenda and the nasty bullying. There were probably not many GZSZ characters who got caught so unpopular within a few episodes made like Brenda. On Twitter, it was around 8:40 p.m., every night around Showtime, and fans were excited about them and Luis. The joy was great when Luis received help from his sister Toni and his mother and showed Brenda.

Not everyone will be happy with Brenda's return.


Annabella Zetsch's so-called "flash flash" of April 1 states: "Fans can be curious about what story they have in their luggage." Brenda suddenly became a better person or does she come back to Luis for revenge? After all, her mother was all excited when she learned what her daughter was doing at school and in her spare time. Annabella Zetsch, 26, said on her return in an interview with RTL: "I hope they (editor's note: the public) have a little look behind the facade of the rebel and so far not very sensitive Brenda. "Brenda learned from her mistakes, the actress said. So it remains exciting after a popular actor dies like a fake extratipp.com * reported.

Annabella Zetsch makes Brenda at GZSZ at RTL

Annabella Zetsch was born in Bautzen and made her first appearance at GZSZ on July 13, 2018. Dance and music for the great passions the pretty blonde It was not always easy for Annabella Zetsch to play the role of Brenda. Many viewers did not seem to be able to differentiate between the individual and his role on TV, and attacked them. But that has now improved, the 26-year-old told RTL: "Meanwhile the weather has dropped. At least I personally have no more hostility experienced and also in relation to the drama came positive feedback. "

Brenda returns to the neighborhood.


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