Green Party Congress in Leipzig: Ska Keller is the leading candidate for the European elections


The Greens move with Ska Keller and Sven Giegold as one of the top candidates in the European elections next year. The two MEPs were elected by an overwhelming majority at the party congress in Leipzig on Saturday. Keller received 87.6% of the vote and is in first place in the European list, Giegold – 97.9% of the votes – in second place.

Keller called her candidacy address in front of the 800 delegates for a determined fight against the right-wing populists: "Europe's democracy is threatened," she said. "Right-wing nationalists want to destroy Europe."

In addition, the next generation can not be said that politics did not stop climate change. Europe must quickly "get out of coal and into the circular economy," Keller said. "We only have this planet." The delegates also named Keller as the leading candidate for the European Greens. The 36-year-old has a good chance of being elected in Berlin in two weeks.

Giegold, 48, campaigned before the delegates for a social Europe. "Europe means one to the other, not to each other." In his militant speech, he added: "We do not want a certain Europe, we want a just Europe".

In the draft for the electoral program, the European elections next May will be referred to as "directional choices". Specifically, greens require a "minimum price of CO2" for industrial plants and a tax on disposable products. The Greens also want to make the EU a "guarantee of social rights".

For the previous course of Congress:

Green reaffirm Not for "safe countries of origin"

In addition to the staffing decisions, delegates adopted Saturday the chapter of the European Parliament's program on asylum and migration, which states that the classification of countries as safe countries of origin is the wrong instrument. "It also does not speed up the procedures, we believe the principle is wrong." Instead, it needs "personnel and prioritization" for faster asylum procedures. The deportations failed because of the lack of repatriation agreements.

The Greens also deliver the congressional ruling against "mass camps detained in the EU", against transit zones and against European satellite camps in countries outside the EU. They also reject the support of "repressive regimes along escape routes." Instead, they require legal escape routes. Refugees must be registered at the EU's external borders and provided with initial reception facilities. After a comparison of data, the Greens want to see them distributed to the other EU states.


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