Görlitz / Saxony: mayor's election hits high waves – AKK admits mistakes


In Görlitz, AfD resorted to the first rank of Lord Mayor. AKK evaluated the CDU candidate's victory with a controversial statement.

  • Görlitz in Saxony: On Sunday, the first city in Germany and therefore the first cabinet of the mayor could have fallen to AfD.
  • Octavian Ursu (CDU) beat Sebastian Wippel (AfD) by a very narrow margin (55.2 percent / 44.8 percent) – also thanks to an alliance between parties in advance.
  • As the head of the CDU, AKK, wanted to win the election night only for himself, now there are problems.

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June 18 update, 12:48 PM: The election in Görlitz not only made waves in Germany, but even abroad. How does the press respond?

Zurich's Tages-Anzeiger comments: "The narrow victory can be bitter for the Saxon Christian Democrats. Their mayor is already denigrated by AfD as" man of the left. "The right-wing extremist party stands as the victim and only the left opposition to the "bloc parties." Extensive field trials in France teach how double-edged alliances of all other parties are against extremists.From the 1980s, left and conservatives kept the National Front (FN) out of power.

The fact that left and right went after Emmanuel Macron in 2017 to avoid Le Pen, just confirmed his narrative: "The old parties are all the same – we are the only alternative!" In the long run, the populist strengthens rather than weakens.

The "Allgemeine Zeitung" (Mainz) discovers: "In Saxon Görlitz 2008, recordings of the Hollywood film" Inglourious Basterds "took place Theme of the track: The" Third Reich "The situation of the CDU is before the state elections in Saxony , Brandenburg and Thuringia like this: The party has its back to the wall – and possibly after the election with the idea of ​​coordinating with AfD It may happen that some in the Union will support this alliance – secretly or even openly. But even the thought models of approach pull the question A: What about the authority of Angela Merkel and Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer? "

News from June 17: Expert has a forecast for the CDU after the election of the mayor of Görlitz

17:09: Dresden political scientist Hans Vorländer sees in the result of Görlitzer Lord Mayor's election no clear indication for the state election on Sept. 1. In Görlitz, they formed a "majority of prevention" against an AfD candidate, he told the German Press Agency in Dresden on Monday.

In the state parliamentary elections, however, it is a question of obtaining a "majority of design": "In the state election, everyone fights first for themselves. And then there is the question of how to turn the result into a formative majority that governs the country for the next five years and takes it forward. "

15:09: CDU politician Octavian Ursu called for his election victory in the mayor's election in Görlitz, "a clear advantage against AfD." "This should be the CDU's slogan for the next election campaign in Saxony," Ursu told Bayerischer Rundfunk on Monday. His victory over the AfD candidate shows "that AfD can not bring a majority – and that the CDU can certainly bring in different coalitions."

"We campaigned with themes in the election campaign, AfD does not have to offer: openness, open society, European city – that was the right strategy," Ursu told BR. After the election, the 51-year-old native of Romania now wants to return to "normality".

AKK talks about errors in Görlitz Tweet

1:50 p.m. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer admitted uncertainty in dealing with the media. She had misjudged the effect of some of her words, she said in an NDR interview.

There is a strong desire for authenticity in many people. "However, the will, if someone is authentic on the move, to hit the ground, also pronounced," complained the head of the CDU. Specifically, the party leader admitted having underestimated the CDU's critical video of the YouTubers Rezo. Most recently, Kramp-Karrenbauer was heavily bombarded by comments about Görlitz's election.

12:35 a.m. The initiator of the filmmakers' electoral appeal for the inhabitants of Görlitz was relieved after the election of the Lord Mayor. "I followed the election with great enthusiasm and tension," Michael Simon de Normier, co-producer of the Hollywood film "The Reader", told the German news agency on Monday. It would not be good if the winners celebrated too loudly. "Now the hard work has to be done to bring people together again in Görlitz." Octavian Ursu, who is a "good listener", could do that.

Video: Election in Görlitz – suggestion of state elections?

Görlitz: No mayor of AfD – but an AKK Tweet angered

11:51: The Union celebrates the electoral victory in Görlitz: The Hessian Prime Minister and CDU Vice-President Boukerier stressed on Monday a meeting of the presidium of his party in Berlin: "This is an important signal for Görlitz, but also apart from Görlitz. " in each case, under local conditions, in countries with parliamentary elections. "Our goal should be that the CDU is so strong that without them it can not be ruled."

Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) stressed that, in view of the elections in the East, "he would not work against anyone but do what he himself wanted." You have to move forward the things you would like to communicate. This should be a condition for all provincial election campaigns in the East and West. CDU Thuringia leader Mike Mohring said it was good that he had arrived in Görlitz through a broad alliance for the election of a CDU mayor. This is an important signal. But it also shows that Saxony has much to do in view of the state election.

Octavian Ursu: He is the new Lord Mayor in Görlitz. He won against AfD – but now there are new difficulties.

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Update of June 17, 9:30 am: Many criticisms are made once again about Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. After a tweet of Sunday night, the statements toppled, the CDU party president after the election of Görlitz being criticized.

Kramp-Karrenbauer wrote about the victory of his CDU friend Octavian Ursu: "@cdu is the bourgeois force against AfD. Congratulations to the new mayor of #goerlitz." Ignore the fact that various parties, such as the Greens, had specifically withdrawn their mayoral candidate – to prevent an AfD victory. That fell under AKK, but under the table.

As a result, Saxon Deputy Prime Minister Martin Dulig (SPD) wrote to Kramp-Karrenbauer: "To portray him as a CDU success shows that you have not understood what is happening here in Saxony.Thank you for Ursu, but above all for Franziska Schubert and the many voters committed to various political specters. " And ARD journalist Arnd Henze described the tweet as "bad." And: "I'm afraid she just can not do better."

After all: Later, Kramp-Karrenbauer greeted the other parties after Görlitz's election – but so that most Twitter users considered that to be respectful. "It is clear that victory … is the victory of a broad alliance," she wrote.

In the morning magazine, the ZDF again expressed on Monday to Kramp-Karrenbauer on the subject. "I am grateful for this alliance because we all agree that AfD is not responsible," she said. The election in Görlitz showed that there is an "alternative to AfD" – namely, "good policies have come out of the democratic center." In addition, probably flew in a Präsidiumsitzun the CDU neatly the errands.

Görlitz: AfD almost does not lose the first post OB

Update of June 17, 2019, at 7:23 am: In the first round, the still-inferior Christian Democrat Octavian Ursu decided to run the second round in the Saxon city on Sunday with 55.2 percent. AFD candidate Sebastian Wippel reached only 44.8%. The two separated in the end a good 2600 votes.

Preliminary final result of Görlitz: First mayor of AfD in Germany?

19:25: Now there is a preliminary final result of Görlitz. He won the OB Otavian Ursu Elections CDU candidate. He received 55.1 percent of votes, his rival in the ranks of the AFD, Sebastian Wippel, 44.9 percent. Participation was 56 percent, as the Newspaper Saxon reported online.

Video: But no mayor of AfD in Görlitz

An interesting note from another held on Sunday in eastern Germany, second round OB: In Rostock will probably be the first time a politician without German passport to take over the Cabinet of the Lord Mayor. In the coastal city, after counting 90 percent of the votes, non-party Dane Claus Ruhe Madsen with a good 56 percent of the vote in the lead. His challenger was left-wing politician Steffen Bockhahn.

19.00 clock: Slowly crystallized in the second round of the Mayor's Office in Görlitz a trend: if anyone believes in the current intermediate levels, then CDU candidate Octavian Ursu will do the race – and AfD should continue to wait for his first OB. O Newspaper Saxon According to the 67 count of the total of 75 constituencies, a balance of 54 percent for Ursu. The AfD challenger, Wippel, therefore, is 46%. Half of the postal votes polls are also included in this interim result.

First mayor of AfD in Germany? Görlitz Short Interim Results

18:43: First interim results of Görlitz: According to a report from the Sächsische.de 41 of 75 polling districts are currently counted. Currently, CDU candidate Octavian Ursu is ahead – but only very thin, with 51.1 to 48.9%. Shortly before, AFD politician Sebastian Wippel was reported as lying in the lead. The decisive factor could be, ultimately, the numerous postal voters, according to the portal.

Election of mayors in Görlitz: Significantly more postal electors

18:16: The results of Lord Mayor's election to Görlitz are not available soon after the closing of the sections – but the election seems to attract great interest. How the portal t-online.de According to the election leader, 1,100 eligible voters cast their ballots earlier than the first ballot three weeks ago. Overall, the number is now at 8,600 voters. Görlitz has a good 55,000 inhabitants.

One indication that voters are not primarily concerned about the much discussed party membership in the polls is in the meantime provided by a non-representative online poll of Görlitzer Anzeiger, There, 21.3 percent of the participants named the fact that a candidate grew up in Görlitz as the most important electoral criterion. 21.2 percent considered bipartisan support as the most important factor. Party membership called only four percent of a crucial point.

12.08 clock: While AfD in Görlitz is in front of the mayor's first office, discussions on the management of CDU with AfD continue. Despite criticizing his party, AfD's parliamentary leader, Alice Weidel, finds the recent tolerance of former President Joachim Gauck. "The contributions of Joachim Gauck and Hans-Georg Maaßen would have warranted a broader debate," German news agency Weidel said on Sunday. The CDU's distancing reactions showed, however, that no discussion of a more conservative policy was possible in this party.

Gauck had announced in an interview with the "mirror" for a "tolerance extended to the right." He urged the Union to take care of politically homeless conservatives. When asked whether he would sit on a podium with the head of AfD, Alexander Gauland, he replied: "Not really. I do not have enough respect for Mr Gauland for this. I can not tolerate being supported by the far right."

June 16, 2019 update, 9:22 am: Around 46,000 voters in Görlitz, eastern Saxony, have been called in to vote for a new mayor since 8am. In the decision of Sebastian Wippel (AfD) or Octavian Ursu (CDU) is not just about the top job in the city of Neisse. The second round of the election is also considered a mood test for the state elections in Saxony on 1 September. We report on the ticker for you.

All of Germany is looking at Görlitz: Does the mayor of AfD lead the first German city?

Görlitz – On Sunday (June 16), the second round of mayoral elections will take place in the Saxon city of Görlitz. Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) has urgently warned against an AfD victory and asks "General of Thuringia""Many people underestimate the radical nature of AfD." In addition, the city with its current 56,000 inhabitants "great opportunities that AfD will never use," continue the 44-year-old suspects in Goerlitz, AfD candidate Sebastian Wippel, in the second round of voting against CDU candidate Octavian Ursu , Wippel scored 36.4% in the first ballot three weeks ago, while Ursu convinced 30.3% of voters because the absolute majority did not materialize. now the ballot, for which this time the simple majority goes to victory.

Saxony: Election of the mayor in Görlitz: cooperation with AfD? This is what Prime Minister Kretschmer says

Can the CDU imagine co-operation with AfD? Kretschmer refuses to abandon these mental games in advance: "How should he co-operate with a party whose positions are absolutely contrary to ours?" Asked the prime minister. On the city council, AfD is currently the numerically strongest fraction at the state level, Michael Kretschmer also closes a coalition with AfD before the bar. The OB election in East Germany had recently named Hollywood on the scene: the winners, actors and producers of the Oscars delivered an open letter to the voters of the Saxon city.

Michael Kretschmer appeals to citizens of the city of 56,000 inhabitants of Görlitz.

© dpa / Hendrik Schmidt

The rise of AfD in the east of the republic is currently taking on more forms: according to a recent survey, chances are good that you will be the strongest force in the state election (September 1, 2019) in the Free State of Saxony. This development is by no means surprising: already in the general election of 2017 and also in the European elections in 2019, AfD was in the lead in the federal state. Michael Kretschmer had to hand over in his hometown 2017, the direct mandate to an AfD politician.

Kretschmer complained that "negative debates" contributed to AfD's success in the East. "This is what happens when you stop talking about what you have achieved since 1990, about the successes of German unity, about the people who are returning and about the fall of unemployment – only about fears and about what might not have worked out of this way. " In return, Sebastian Wippel, just 36, has recently pointed out that the CDU's mistakes made AfD really strong.

Here you will have an up-to-date overview of what the forecasts are for the state elections in Saxony 2019.

Görlitz / Sachsen Mayor's Choice: different origins as key to success?

In addition to his plea to the citizens of Görlitz, CDU politician Kretschmer urges the "red-black" federal government to do more for the East German region and bring more financial benefits to the party affected by the crisis of the Republic. A stronger future economic promotion of structurally weak regions in the west should not be at the expense of East Germany. Needed is also "a strong signal for rural regions".

If it is after the first round of voting, a Wippel election victory will likely be the most likely variant for Sunday's result. A significant contribution to this may be a circumstance that appears on the election posters for the AFD man, including, among others The daily level reported. "Sebastian Wippel – the Görlitzer" can be read there. While Wippel is a Görlitzer by birth, Christian Democrat Octavian Ursu has lived in the city for 30 years but is a native Romanian.

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