Google is changing the way the web works through its AMP update



Google has announced changes to its AMP project that could turn the web functionality upside down. Critics complain that the URL and site link is canceled.

Just a few weeks ago, Google launched the AMP email feature that will make e-mail more interactive in the future. As part of the AMP Conf 2019 developer conference in Tokyo, the Group has now announced far-reaching changes to the AMP project. In the future, browsers should display the original URL on AMP pages, even if the content is loaded from the Google cache.

AMP pages displayed with the original URL

In the future, instead of "," the browser will display "" in the address bar. In many cases, users do not know which site they are on. Finally, the original link will be displayed, including the green lock icon as reported by Androidpolice.

According to observers, Google is therefore replacing the link between URL and website and turning the web functionality upside down. Also worthy of criticism: a call from the original site is made difficult for the user by the new presentation. The link to the original version of the site displayed so far in the AMP submission will disappear in the future. In addition, additional features on the site, such as the comment function, could not be easily accessed by users thanks to AMP updates.

The basis of the AMP upgrade is the web package called Chrome, which Google tested last year. This allows pages to display content from other sites under your name. TLS is designed to ensure that content is not changed. Web packaging has been preset since Chrome version 73. AMP pages can now use this feature in Chrome and Edge. In addition, the Cloudflare DNS provider is on board from the beginning.

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