"Golden Camera": Greta Thunberg is honored, followed by a Fremdscham moment


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At the Golden Camera, Greta Thunberg was honored for her commitment to climate protection. Shortly thereafter, an actress received an SUV as a gift.

Berlin – The "Golden Camera" is one of the most important film awards in Germany. Last Saturday, the prize was again awarded. 1200 guests arrived at the hangar of the abandoned Tempelhof Airport.

Greta honored for environmental protection – actress gets SUV free

Celebrities have experienced a versatile night. The biggest enthusiasm was Greta Thunberg. The Swedish student and climate activist was honored for her commitment. In her speech, she took the stars present in duty. "We are now at a crossroads in our history," she said. She described the conditions of the world drastically: "Our house is burning!" The 16-year-old had to interrupt her speech over and over because of applause. In the end, she asked the public to become more involved in climate protection, because they influence like celebrities. Billions of people around the world.

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Shortly thereafter, the commitment to environmental protection fell again. Actress Milena Tscharntke won a golden camera as best young talent. The 22-year-old also received a key from Steven Gätjen's car. The key belonged to a T-Cross type SUV from VW, which she received as a gift. Gätjen suspected she would not be paid anyway at her auditions: "That's why we have a little surprise for you." VW was also the official sponsor of the event.

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Embarrassing scene in "Golden Camera": spectators cheer on Twitter

Viewers did not like this. Numerous users have appeared on Twitter. One of them wrote: "First Greta Thunberg honored, then SUV delivered." Another user felt the action as a true satire: "First Greta Thunberg is honored because it fights for more climate protection." So Volkswagen gives another winner a new SUV, so they can go to their auditions.

Others might read the anger: "The Golden Camera for embarrassing hypocrisy goes to the Golden Camera Nature and climate protection as a topic, including prizes and important speeches, and then VW as a sponsor and an SUV as a gift for the young artist I can not imagine. I melt from the strangest shame. "

Another user also said that they could not have thought of such a thing and wrote more: "climate activist with a special award to reward an SUV as an award for an actress."

The Shitstorm could have spared the responsible people because the VW also has an Electric Golf and several hybrid models on offer they could have given instead.

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