Thursday , October 21 2021

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Then, after the 24th attempt, it works: The opponent goes to the ground, dissolves slowly; its remnants blow through the air leaving behind only the serve – and a short touch of PlayStation 4. A virtual trophy brought this final boss, a note on the player's profile: did this.

To achieve this, the player needed hours. He defeated countless enemies, trained his reflexes. He considered tactics, studied the final boss, his moves, his attacks, his lifeline. Every maneuver with the analog, every move with the controller, everything an exercise for this moment: done.

The scenes are from the video game Sekiro: Shadows The TwiceMillions of people love these games – even though not everyone can come to an end. Because games like Sekiro Player Challenge: The difficulty level is so high that you have to really fight to the end. Hardcore games are known as jargon. And people who have fun with these titles, according to hardcore gamers. They want to get along without help, without guidance, they can only win with their abilities.

Demonstrating their skill has become an important currency among players. So important that it also leads to unusual collaborations between game producers: at E3, the world's most important video game in Los Angeles, Japanese studio From Software has now launched a new game called Elden Ring has announced. It was developed in collaboration with George R. R. Martin. The creators of ultra-difficult games like Black Souls or Sekiro So you work with the man who's with you. game of Thrones has created one of the largest fantasy franchises in the world. It can be interpreted as a step towards the mainstream.

Hardcore games regularly cause intense debate. Not everyone can play with these titles. Fans of games like Sekiro I think that's good; They say titles are not for everyone. Others argue that hardcore games exclude people. They want each other easy modes, a simpler mode for games that makes them more accessible. But it's not that easy.

One keystroke is no longer enough

Basically, video games have become more complicated. The first digital games still came with rudimentary and intuitive input options, with clear controls and a few buttons for games that were easy to master. Today, players in many blockbusters have to serve overloaded controls. You have to master keyboard shortcuts and remember which action makes sense in what situation. They also have controllers equipped with buttons, triggers, sticks and touchpads. A simple keystroke is no longer enough. People with disabilities are sometimes completely excluded (and not just them, but that's another topic).

Developers are already implementing mechanisms in some games that make it easier for some people in front of the console: Super Mario falls into the abyss, takes a suit that makes the avatar fly. Some players also use extensions to defeat a boss. For example, game author James Davenport at Sekiro: In a review for PC games he admitted to slowing down the boss so he could beat him more easily.

What is nothing more than an aid, seems unfair to other players: what is the value of success for those who do not take advantage of this help? Of course, hardcore gamers still have fun playing and only use to develop their own skills. But apparently they are no different from those who rely on tools – all played on the screen, received their digital trophy.

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