From bad sleep to back pain: Yoga can help!


Updated November 08, 2018, 12:30 p.m.

Yoga is good and makes people agile and fit. But also heartburn, colds and even headaches can be relieved by yoga. We show what exercise helps against suffering.

Have not fallen for the new popular yoga sport yet? So here are ten reasons why it is worth trying – for example, in the fight against the disease of love or sleep disorders. But beware: the exact training of a yoga teacher and a visit to the doctor can not replace the gallery!

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For those who are plagued by internal restlessness and lack of concentration or who believe they lose control, the tree is the right yoga posture for them.

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To do this, bend one leg and lift it against the inner thigh. Then take a deep breath, raise your arms to the sky and place your palms one on top of the other. Hold five breaths, then run the other side.

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In the fight against aging, he is the source of youth among yoga postures: the pin – physically and mentally. Not only does the blood flow to the head and brain during this exercise, but also the arms and back are strengthened.

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Free or with a wall for support, hold the pin for ten breaths. It is best to do this exercise in the morning to start the day full of energy.

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Dance with life and get rid of ugly teeth on the thighs or even avoid them? It's not that easy, but the Yoga Pose Dancer strengthens the front and back of the thigh and prevents cellulite.

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It is best to stretch your thighs, then lift your left leg and reach with your right hand. Hold a few breaths and then change sides.

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If you have problems with your neck and back, you should leave it hanging. Better on the forward curve. Thanks to this yoga pose, the tension in the back can be resolved and the legs strengthened. In addition, it allows oxygen-rich blood to flow to the head, which in turn boosts performance.

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Close your legs or move your legs, stand up slowly and relax for a few breaths in this comforting posture.

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Those who struggle with heartburn, the yoga posture can help the camel. This is to reduce stomach acid and stimulate digestion after a delicious food.

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First, sit down on your lower legs. Then sit down and push your pelvis forward. Keep your back straight and lean gently back until your ankles can be grasped with your hands. Keep your neck long, look up and hold for three breaths. So sit relaxed. Repeat this three times.

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If you go to the stool, you can relieve several problems: digestion is activated, flatulence is reduced. In addition, posture helps in infections of the kidneys and bladder. In addition, impotence can be avoided. For this, it is important to hook Mula Bandha. This is the area between the sex organs and anus, as well as the PC muscle and the pelvic floor.

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Although chocolate also helps against grief. But it is healthier to fight mourning with the help of a warrior instead of unnecessary calories.


This exercise, with the front leg bent and the back straight, not only strengthens the body. It also provides inner strength and self-confidence. Anyone who moves from this pose to a foot scale can also focus better – and declare battle with the passionate!

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Menstrual cramps can be unpleasant and also noticeable in the head, back and abdomen. To counter this, relaxed push-ups are recommended. Cramp can be resolved in the butterfly.


First sit up straight. Then pull the knees to the body and open out like a book. The soles of the feet touch. If you like, embrace your feet and gently swing your thighs to loosen them. Then take a deep breath, lean forward and relax for several breaths.

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The shoulder part is usually tense first when stress once again haunts. A quick fix, even between the two, is half the eagle, which helps open the upper back.

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The all-around among yoga exercises, which fights many physical ailments at once, is the dog looking down. Through it, the whole body is stretched, regenerated and strengthened. The circulation continues, and the brain and spine are filled with blood because the head descends.


On your knees, place your hands parallel to the floor and push your butt up. As you do so, push your heels to the floor and stretch your back. A blessing!

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