Fortuna Köln wins cancellation cup against Viktoria Köln 3: 2


Cologne –

Emotions just had to come out.

Like young children, Fortuna players attacked after a 3-2 draw with Uaferro Bonus in favor of the fans and celebrated their first mandatory victory against Victoria since November 9, 2013.

The Südstädter can dream up their hopes of reaching the Mittelrheinpokal semi-final of the DFB Cup while Höhenberger focuses entirely on promotion to the third division.

"It was a fantastic game and a great win for us," said Tomasz Kaczmarek with a smile on his face. The coach of Fortune remains the king of the Derby: Before the triumph, he won the Victory twice against the local rivals and current employer.

On the other hand, frustration prevailed in the regional league team. "I only saw one team that played, and we were," said Patrick Glöckner. "The guys made the best of the season, even though we left the field as losers, but it's annoying to score in stoppage time, which can break a team but not us."

25 minutes the guests set the tone and won by Hamdi Dahmani. After that, the hosts reacted, were clearly superior over long distances, and passed Sven Kreyer's arch lamp for well-deserved compensation.

Bitter for Viktoria: The striker also hit his own goal after a corner from Michael Eberwein.

After the break, Victoria long ago looked for the difference and found them only five minutes from the end by Timm Golley. As fans of Fortuna emerged on the bleachers, the hosts made the exclamation point on the lawn.

Uaferro shoots Fortuna Köln in the lucky bowl

But in the time of injury Uaferro shocked the arquirrival with 3: 2. After a corner from Eberwein, the central defender was completely blank and hit Fortuna.

"I just saw the ball in front of me and I thought I had to make the goal, we had a lot to compensate in the last few years," said the winner of the game.

In contrast, Mike Wunderlich was upset: "The best team lost because we made too much individual mistake."

Here is the EXPRESS ticker for the Cologne Cup Derby yet again for your reference:

Viktoria Cologne – Fortuna Cologne 2: 3 (1: 2)

90 + 5 min: The game is over. Fortuna wins the thriller in injury time and is in the semifinals.

90. + 3 minutes: Uaferro gathers by the third division after the Eberwein corner.

Gate to Fortune

90 + 1 min: The injury time is on

88 min: Compensation is a surprise. But Victoria uses the first opportunity for 2: 2. This is called effective!

85 min: While Fortuna fans light the Pyro, Victoria sets fire to the pitch. Golley is 2: 2.

82. Min: Dahmani leaves court amid applause. For the captain now plays Komolong.

80 min: Golley comes to hold on Victoria.

78 min: It is getting hot. Steegemann distributed three yellow shots against Koronkiewicz, Kurt and Brandenburger

76 min Next exchange with the guests Ceylan comes to Schiek

72 min First change in Fortuna. Pintol replaces shyness

68 min: Viktoria calls for penalties after Bröker touched the ball with his hand. But Steegemann keeps running.

63 min: It's getting warmer. Willers sees yellow in a block formation.

61 min From Victoria comes very little. So far, there was no chance to score in the second half.

58 min: Renewed leadership helped the psyche of Fortuna. The guests are again compact in defense and leave Victoria without space.

51 min. The game has not yet reached the level of the first half. Victoria does not want to come across a counter and Fortuna waits

47 min: Both coaches rely on their first team and look forward to a change.

45 min: break

44 min: Canto for Fortuna by Eberwein and a Victorian hits unlucky at his own goal. Kreyer is on both sides

Gate to Fortune

42 min Kyere fouls in Holzweiler and is cautioned. And even shyness picks up the yellow. Fortune must collect and save in range.

40 min: And then it drops 1: 1. Kreyer's shot from distance is deflected and passes over Rehnen for well deserved netting.

Gate to the victory

39 min: What a chance to equalize: Wunderlich hammering a free kick on the crossbar, Willers stumbles on the bank so Bröker can save on the line.

35 min: Now Holzweiler tries a long way. But also the swirl of Viktoria points to the goal of Fortuna.

32 min: The hosts are getting bolder and better. Kreyer is pointing 16 meters from the gate.

29 min: The free kick due to Wunderlich is no problem for goalkeeper Rehnen.

28. min: Uaferro receives yellow card after a strong pass over Holzweiler.

24 min A first sign of life of Regionalligisten. Brandenburger passes the ball in his own half. Kreyer grabs the ball and completes 20 yards. His attempt flies past the right post.

22. min: Fortune continues to set the tone. The Victoria can not prevail against the defense of the concentrated game of the guests.

17. min: Victoria is visibly shocked after suffering and tries once to find the rhythm.

12 min: Kurt plays the exemplary Dahmani and the Fortuna captain hits the corner.

Gate to Fortune

8. Min: First shipment of Eberwein against Wimmer. Steegemann leaves that in a reminder.

5. Min: Both teams are still in the identification phase. So far, no team has been able to penetrate into the penalty area of ​​the opponent

The game started

6:15 p.m. The players are on the pitch. It starts immediately.

18:13: For the cup game, a referee with a lot of experience was selected. Mitja Steegemann (34) leads the game.

18.10 clock The formation of both teams


Patzler-Koronkiewicz, Willers, Rico, Lang-Saghiri, Wimmer-Holzweiler, Wunderlich, Cape-Kreyer.

Fortuna: Rehnen – Ernst, Uaferro, Kyere, Bröker – Barndenburg, Kurt – Schieck, Eberwein, Dahmani – Scheu.

6:00 p.m. The crowd around the Höhenberg sports park is great. Therefore, the game will start only fifteen minutes later.

Welcome to the live ticker of the explosive Lokalderby between Victoria and Fortuna. It's about the entrance in the semifinal of the cup.

For Fortuna coach Thomasz Kaczmarek, it is a special game: until 2016, he trained Höhenberger and defeated Fortuna twice in the World Cup. Now he wants to play out regional league leaders with Südstädter on the way to the first round of the DFB Cup.


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