Monday , October 25 2021

Football league: referee beaten in Asterlagen against Büderich – football


Disgusting scenes of hunting in the county league …

In the ascent game between TuS Asterlagen (Duisburg) and Büdericher SV Wesel, there were ugly hunting scenes at the referee.

What exactly happened? On the score of 3 to 0, play the impartial Samet Alpaydin, the former substitute Asterlager Kerim Kücük, from the square. The second red card for the home team – then burn the player all fuses. Kücük hits the referee in the face. Your assistant is also attacked by someone else and taken to the ground.

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Photo: Spark Photo Services

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Also among the players were argumentsPhoto: Spark Photo Services

Büderich coach Stefan Tebbe on "NRZ": "The referee was hit in the face and one of the assistants was knocked over by a karate leap My players beat Jan Busch and we tried to protect the referees." , Jakob Klos, balances: "I have never experienced such a thing. This was highly antisocial behavior by all involved."

Only under police protection, the Büderichers were able to enter the cabin. Violent: Both referees had to be taken to the hospital later.

A shame for amateur football!

Coach calls for lifelong suspension

TuS coach Tugay Yilmazer later apologized and demanded a severe penalty for his player: "We had a big crowd with 350 spectators and then we gave such a bad image. Those who are responsible for everything should "On Facebook, the club apologized directly for the player's misconduct.

It is not the first time such scenes occur on amateur sports fields. This is another reason why the numbers are being dropped by the referees. According to the "ZDF" in 2008, there were still 9000 new applications in 2017, only about 6000.

The recent scandal certainly will not bother with new candidates …

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