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Flu Vaccination 2019: How Vital a Flu Vaccine Can Be – money & life

Winter is high season flu. This is why it is time for the flu shot. Who should be vaccinated against the flu and when is the best time.

Fever, chills, muscle pain. cold symptoms – and this for several days: in the real the flualso influenza Being sick is anything but enjoyable. For certain risk groups, such as the elderly and immunocompromised people, the disease can also be fatal. According to EU Prevention Authority estimates ECDC die every year Europe Between 5,000 and 17,000 people are affected by an influenza infection. one vaccination It promises protection, but needs to be renewed every year.

When is the right time to get a flu shot?

According to the conclusions of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) usually comes at the turn of the year for a correct flu surgeBecause after one vaccination It may take up to two weeks for body protection to be fully established. vaccination in October or at the latest in November. But even during the flu surge even if the influenza So even if it does, the vaccination help – at least as long as the affected person is not sick.

Who should be vaccinated against the flu?

According to the recommendation of the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) in RKI In particular, people at increased risk of serious illness should be vaccinated. This risk group includes, above all, people over 60, as well as people with chronic diseases or immunodeficiency. Even those who constantly come into contact with many other people and therefore have an increased risk of disease should be vaccinated. This group includes medical and nursing staff, teachers, kindergarten teachers, and sales staff. Even people who have direct contact with poultry or wild birds, experts advise a vaccinationThis prevents avian influenza pathogens from mixing with common influenza viruses. Also for pregnant women is the flu vaccine advisable, says Wolfgang reuter, Health Specialist German health insurance (DKV).


What should be considered when planning the vaccine?

In principle, anyone can be vaccinated, even with a slight infection. Because the human immune system is basically capable of handling multiple defensive tasks at once. "A serious infection with body temperature above 38.5 degrees should cure affected people, but before being vaccinated," he advises. ReuterAthletes should also note that the body's defense after a vaccination You have to do more to make antibodies. Therefore, it is advisable for the first three days after a vaccination renounce the sport. Allergy sufferers should be aware of the vaccination Consult your doctor because the vaccine contains additives that may cause allergic reactions such as egg white.

Is disease possible despite vaccination?

Basically, in medicine, it is always true that there is no one hundred percent protection. This is also with the flu vaccine This is especially true because influenza viruses have the peculiarity of altering their structure sometimes. This may mean that the vaccine administered does not correspond perfectly to the currently circulating influenza viruses, which causes the flu vaccine not as good as intended. But what is true in any case is that the course of the disease is much milder, if any, despite the existence flu vaccine contagious – the immune system is already activated (this should work better this year with the flu vaccine).

Why is it important to be vaccinated every year?

Influenza viruses are very versatile and constantly changing. Therefore, doctors adapt the vaccine to circulating influenza viruses year after year. But even though it's the same virus as last year and the vaccine's composition hasn't changed, experts recommend an annual update. Because the protective effect of vaccination decreases over time – according to RKI numbers, it usually works between six and twelve months. In addition, studies have shown that people who have been repeatedly vaccinated are better protected against severe influenza outbreaks.

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