Fans are furious and Blizzard responds


It's a scandal besides comparing. Blizzard announced a game with Diablo: Immortal that does not fit with some fans. Of course now Reddit is about to implode and the heads of fans shining from rage like a supernova. Because? It's not Diablo 4, but a version for iOS and Android devices. Blizzard should get very close to a full Diablo, but what was not developed for the PC is evil and therefore burns the Internet like hellfire.

Already in the presentation of the game at BlizzCon, visitors were annoyed by the event. One guest asked visibly indignant, if this is a joke from the end of April. After revelation, anger within the community continues to swing in the relevant forums. The next release does not mean that no Diablo 4 will be released. Not even if it's late, because of how much the development effort will be, it may depend on whether the rumors are true that Immortal is simply a Diablo clone of the 2017 title NetEase – Crusaders of Light,

NetEase is a Chinese company that distributes Blizzard games in the Middle Kingdom as a licensed and is known for its games for mobile devices. The NetEase and Diablo: Immortal production cruisers share an almost identical split of the user interface. In it, some fans see evidence that Diablo: Immortal is a clone of Crusaders-of-Light with Diablo assets. Whether this is another reason for disinhibiting anger on the Internet or serving better as a reason to relax is an open question.

Meanwhile, Wyatt Cheng, Game Designer at Blizzard, told IGN and responded to sometimes harsh criticism:

"I do not think" Mobile "should be a bad word, when it was time to sit down and do a new game of Diablo, and then this opportunity to work with NetEase – the technology is there, our smartphones are as powerful as ever before and they are able to offer high quality gaming experiences. "

"We worked with NetEase Games in a partnership from the beginning to create everything in Diablo: Immortal, we have artists on our side, they have artists on their side and we work together as a team as a partner to do everything Diablo: Creating Immortal: The environment, the characters, the skills, the story. "

Blizzard is also likely to launch against the passionate opposition of Diablo's Immortal fans. A date has not yet been fixed, but the game will appear "soon" for iOS and Android devices.

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