Facebook security margin higher than known


andA newly announced data security spread on Facebook has been higher than previously known. The online network admitted on Thursday that "million" user passwords for the Instagram photo platform were stored unencrypted on internal servers.

So far, Facebook had spoken of tens of thousands of affected users of the platform belonging to the group. Later, however, several other passwords saved in this way were discovered.

Facebook admitted in mid-March that the passwords of hundreds of millions of users had been stored unencrypted on internal servers. Hundreds of millions of users of the Facebook Lite application, millions of other Facebook clients and tens of thousands of Instagram users have been affected. The corporation emphasized at the time that passwords were never visible to outsiders. In addition, there is no evidence that employees have abused it.

Facebook has been shaken by a series of scandals. Among others, it was found that data from approximately 87 million users had come to Cambridge Analytica data analysis company. Among other things, they should have been used illegally in the presidential campaign for the current president Donald Trump's campaign.


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