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Effective trick: As always put your bag in the luggage belt first

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Are you tired of the long wait in the airport baggage claim? Now you can breathe easy now: with this trick, you always get your bag first.

Landing at the airport, struggling to leave the plane, eagerly awaiting the destination – and then: Waiting for the suitcase on the luggage belt and lasting hours and hours.

Well, it can't always be that bad. However, the annoying waiting time at the airport you can save now,

With these tricks, you will arrive immediately in your bag upon arrival at the airport.

This trick can be yours Dramatically reduce waiting times at the airportThere are exactly two ways to ensure that Your luggage appears as one of the first in the luggage belt:

Trick 1 for shorter waiting time at the airport baggage carrier: be careful, fragile!

When you leave your luggage, ask the ground crew first, to put a "fragile" sticker on it clearly visibleAs a rule, bags with fragile content are carried after all other luggage items.

And that means to you: your Adhesive bag It will be unloaded first at the destination airport. Thus, at the airport, it is also highly likely to be transported to the building first and then to appear first on the baggage carrier.

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Trick 2: Check in as the last person and be the last person to leave your luggage

If you check in at the departure airport as one of the last, your bag will be loaded on the last plane. appears again first on the luggage belt, "Bags are always loaded in the front-to-back luggage cart, and heavier weight boxes should be placed in front of the car to ensure stability while driving and, if you have carried them from the rear to the front, cannot guarantee that the front car is fully loaded, "writes a ramp worker named Thomas Lo Sciuto on the Quora portal.

He gives the hint"So if you check in for the last time, your luggage will be in the last car, making them the first to land in the luggage."

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