dm launches popular brand out – Jurass Cave of the Lions (Vox) enters


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Customers in the dm drugstore chain have to dispense with a popular product. For this purpose, a new brand will be added to the market in the future.

For many customers, this innovation must come unexpectedly, the popular provider of Wassersprudler, Sodastream, will no longer be offered by the dm drugstore chain in the future. In fact, supply contracts expired at the end of last year, but in the early months of the new year, remaining stocks of the water bubbling machine and, above all, remaining cylinder inventories were offered. But that too is over.

dm launches Sodastream out of the assortment – juror Vox Ralf Dümmel with new product

As CHIP reports, there is also a reason for the end of the brand in the German drugstore chain. So, from now on a similar product would be included in the trade, but much cheaper than the original Sodastream. Since the beginning of the year, the water bubbler is supplied by Soda Trend supplier. Again, the concept works with treated water similar to the original supplier. The newly launched brand is likely to delight many customers, the Soda Trend universal cylinder for common Wassersprudler like HappyMix, mySodapop, club soda or even Sodastream are also usable.

"Cavern of the Lions" – Juror enters dm with its product

Behind the new product is for many faceless customers unknown. Nobody less than Ralf Dümmel distributes the complete new brand. The Vox "The Cavern of Lions" jury knows how to attract your product profitably to customers of the popular drugstore chain. So far, the cylinders of the Sodastream brand cost 8.45 euros, the new cylinders are available for only 6.95 euros. Customers who want to remain faithful to their customary brand in the future can buy the cylinders in many other markets, such as Rossmann and Kaufhof.

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