Thursday , October 21 2021

Discounter employee unzips: "With slow customers I turn off the cash register"


Worryingly, retail workers experience hostility, racism and insults every day.

"When customers ask a question in the box or take a little longer to make a profit, there is always someone who speaks loudly in the box.

So it's time to say, "Is that a little faster too?" Says Ulrike S. *, Penny's longtime employee.

Nicholas D. * works at Kaufland. He knows the problem over time.

"Older people take longer to put the goods on tape or make the change, which also applies to my time." Also questions for offers, right of return or feedback would ask the customers. This is legitimate. But annoying other customers. "Exactly those who complain, then also need more time, because they also put goods without a bar code or open packages on tape."

What few people suspect: if this happens in the Kaufland checkbox, this also happens at the expense of employees. "With slow customers, I'll just cancel my cash register." With the trick, the wait time does not flow to the cash time.

"We're often under target pressure and number," he adds. Each POS device shows the hourly revenue a box has reached.

On average, turnover of 1000 to 1200 euros per hour is expected.

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