Dirk Tenzer goes after criticism in Högel case



The days of Dr. Dirk Tenzer as CEO of Klinikum Oldenburg are numbered: the 47-year-old doctor will be leaving home on July 1. The separation was made "by mutual agreement," the hospital said on Thursday.

The 832-bed house shops take Rainer Schoppik temporarily. The city had the former sole director Tenzer the merchant Schoppik in November 2018 as a side reorganizer.

Tenzer has been under criticism for months. He is accused of the difficult financial situation of the house; In 2017 and 2018, the hospital closed with a million fewer. Critics also accuse him of a bad work environment, which he is said to have led to the exodus of countless nurses and doctors. Your relationship with parts of the Medical Board is considered broken.

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The gout that overflowed the barrel was probably his behavior in the case of the murderous patient Niels Högel. Judge Sebastian Bührmann severely assaulted Tenzer in his verdict at the former nurse's trial and accused him of indirect cover-up. Tenzer had withheld important documents from investigators, his appearance as a witness in court had been "unhappy."

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The head of the clinic responded with a four-page statement to what he called "irreplaceable and unsustainable charges" and "allegations," calling them "grotesque" and "absurd." In the city after this attack to an independent judge increased the demands of dismissal against Tenzer.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Margrit Conty, thanked the CEO in a press release for his work in recent years. "Many crucial structures have been set up, in which the hospital may be based on the future, so we thank Dr. Ing. Tenzer specifically," she said in a press release. "Especially in recent times, however, the council chairman was exposed to public criticism that he had not operated the settlement of the murders by former caregiver Niels H. decided enough." Tenzer said the supervisory body does not see undue behavior, "the public accusations about his person" Conty Flame "incomprehensible."

According to Tenzer himself, "since the criticism came to the clinic and its staff in recent weeks, I decided to leave the company."

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