Dieter Bohlen has sad news for his fans – but there is a consolation


Dieter Bohlen is talking about a musical comeback. But now Poptitan has a surprisingly sad message for his fans.

Update of April 27, 2019: A little consolation has Pop-Titan, but then. Although he did not bring any new album, as many of his fans expected, but at least one single will come. That's what Dieter Bohlen announced on Instagram. "Thank you for your understanding!" One single comes out: Oh Mamacita as a duet of Kay One and I !!! @kayone. !! ", he writes.

He did not reveal whether he will play this title at the end of today's DSDS 2019.

Dieter Bohlen: sworn DSDS brings sad news to his fans

Munich – Dieter Bohlen I really wanted to start with a tour and an album. But the plans probably will not work. Via Instagram, the 65-year-old announces a message to his fans. The DSDS chief jury makes a comeback. Dieter Bohlen wanted to go on tour and at the same time release his new album "DB1".

A week ago, Bohlen proudly presented album covers and titles on social networks. Fans can even pre-order the new masterpiece. But nothing will come of it.

Dieter Bohlen announces a sad news

Dieter Bohlen will not release a new album. Via Instagram, the musician turns to his followers in a clip.

"Yes, people – I do not have good news for you today, I want to summarize it, there's no album, people, I can not do that," says Dieter Bohlen in the Instagram clip. "Any album or tour," explains 65-year-old.

Dieter Bohlen: Is Carina behind this?

This is unusual. Dieter Bohlen is considered a workaholic. He is also a true professional in the music business; has decades of experience.

Last year, Bohlen was headlined with a break in TV and music. At that time, he just wanted to spend more time with his wife Carina and her children. Once again, Carina and her family seem to play a part in their decision.

"Unfortunately there is no album !!!!!! Time I did not understand. Excuse me! First Family ", writes Dieter Bohlen with many exclamation points for the post on Instagram. In the video, he says, "There's another family, I have my kids" and asks his fans to understand.

Video: Dieter Bohlen says his album

Dieter Bohlen: That's what your fans think about the album

His followers are sympathetic to the message. In the comments, almost everyone is after his idol.

"I can understand very well, you have achieved everything you can achieve … The album does not go away and who knows what will happen in 2020," writes one user.

"Over time, time becomes more important … Priorities are defined differently and sometimes it may be too late … so do everything right if you're happy about it!", Find another.

Some even see Dieter Bohlen as a good role model. "A very good decision. A lot of people should take the lead."

The new album "DB1" Dieter Bohlen wanted to bring on July 5th. A song with DSDS jury colleague Pietro Lombardi (26) should be included. However, there is a small consolation. Pop Titan announced Plan B on the Instagram: "Pietro's title will be on Pietro's album." Bohlen had in his own words all that he argued with Pietro and that would be no problem.

Dieter Bohlen: That's how the new album "DB1" should look like

Since 2003, Bohlen has not released a new album. His musical return with tour and album was celebrated as a sensation.

Recently, the family of the DSDS jury, Dieter Bohlen, was completely excited: there are descendants! Only the name does not seem to fit …

And did you know that Carina is not called Carina?



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