Diesel, Aldi, Google: Big changes affect us all in Germany from April


For consumers, much will change in April. If you are not careful, you may lose money. From the minimum wage to the mother's pension: what you need to know for April.

Munich – From O to O, this is the peasant saying that many drivers use when they change tires. In October, winter tires are in it, and from Easter onwards, therefore, summer temperatures finally come and go again with summer tires.

With this golden rule, drivers in Germany have to turn around because there is no general legislation but only a summer legislation. In winter conditions with snow or ice you should not drive with summer tires. As a rule, this only plays a role when an accident has occurred.

April could have been the right time for the tire change – but not until the middle of the month. According to the German Tire Trade and Vulcanization Trade Association (BRV), summer tires can be created when temperatures are surely above seven degrees Celsius in the morning. And these lows are often only surpassed in mid-April. At very low levels, the rubber compound of summer tires hardens faster, which can significantly reduce road grip.

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New in April: minimum wage for temporary and temporary workers

Good news is available in April for temporary and temporary workers. In January and March, the new statutory minimum wage was introduced in many sectors. Now the increase also follows for temporary workers in West Germany. As of April 1, the minimum wage will increase from 9.49 euros to 9.79 euros per hour.

Maternity pension deadline expires in April

Anyone over 65 who has raised children and has not applied for a pension may need to act quickly. Otherwise, he could lose pension payments. Parents whose child was born before 1992 may have an additional pension entitlement since the beginning of the year. Because of the maternity pension reform, they now receive two and a half years for each child as educational periods for the pension. The pension application must be made by the end of April, because then receive new retroactive payments of retirees from January 2019.

From April, there will be more money for civil servants

Even federal employees and payment beneficiaries in the federal government can expect more money from April. Your earnings are increased by 3.09%. This increase is part of a three-step increase that was decided in the summer of 2018. The first increase was dated back to March 1, 2018. The compensation was increased by 2.99%. There will be another 1.06% increase on March 1, 2020. This is made clear in the federal wage and social security law. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other members of the government also benefit from this increase.

Aldi will refrain from individual packaging of April cucumbers

Aldi announced in April the waiver of the individual packaging of cucumbers. Tests have shown that vegetables are not damaged even without plastic wrap during transportation. In addition, the discounter wants to introduce a new system of reusable fruit and vegetable bags. As of April, Aldi wants to reduce tons of plastic waste.

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For now, there is no ban on diesel driving to Cologne and Bonn from April

The diesel ban in Stuttgart, which has been in effect since January, will also be extended to people residing in Stuttgart on April 1 – they were previously exempt from the ban. The driving ban applies to Euro 1-4 grades diesel. As for the diesel bans in Cologne and Bonn, which were originally scheduled for April 2019, it is still open. The State of North Rhine-Westphalia appealed against the prohibition in the Superior Administrative Court of Münster. A compromise for the hearing is not yet known. Also in other cities in 2019 diesel bans are active.

Google Plus will be deleted in April

Google Plus will be discontinued on April 2. It was planned as an alternative to Facebook, but found little interest. In a data breach in October 2018, the online network gave Google Plus unauthorized access to some data from private users to application developers. Up to 500,000 people were affected. As a result, Internet giant Google has been cutting its service step by step since January 2019. As of April 2, Google Plus is officially over.



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