Deutsche Bahn (DB): From 2021, there will be a long-awaited innovation at InterCity


At Deutsche Bahn InterCity, there will be up to 2012 WLAN.

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The lament over the achievements of the track was lately great – however, the railway company wants to eliminate an old problem until 2021 now however.

Berlin – Railway customers will soon be able to use the free Wi-Fi not only at ICE, but also at Intercity. By the end of 2021, all IC trains, totaling 30 million euros, will be equipped with the same Internet technology already installed in ICE.

A railroad spokesman confirmed a report from the Spark Media Group (Tuesday) but referred to a press release for details, due to be released on Tuesday. Since mid-March, according to the Funke report, some IC trains are being tried with free Wi-Fi access. Over the next three years, about 1,000 intercity buses would be converted.

The lack of mobile Internet has long been considered a competitive disadvantage of the railroad compared to competitors, such as long-distance buses. The improvement should also bring a new type of train, which had presented the train a few days ago.

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