Deadly blood in victories: 15 year old man stabs man


Victory –

Bloody attack in North Rhine-Westphalia: In a dispute, a 15-year-old in Siegen stabbed 47 years old with a knife several times in the upper body.

On Friday afternoon he left: Apparently the teenager is an acquaintance of the victim's son. "We assume that the son of the dead and the suspects know each other," a spokesman for prosecutor Siegen said on request.

But the victim did not survive this brutal attack: the man died shortly after the crime Thursday night after his injuries. Police and the prosecutor's office said they had won Friday morning. An emergency doctor had already treated the injured person. The 47-year-old man came to a hospital – where he finally died. The injuries were obviously very heavy.

It was also known that the knife attack was preceded by a verbal confrontation between the adolescent and the man.

Murder in Siegen: 15-year prisoner

The 15-year-old boy fled first after the crime but was finally arrested Thursday night. The arrest will be decided on Friday. The official press release states: "More information is not given because of the age of the teenager."

The prosecutor assesses the act as a homicidal crime. A homicide commission was established.



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