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David Abraham / Christian Streich: Referee Thorsten Kinhöfer delivers

The final emotional phase of the match between Freiburg and Frankfurt concerns German professional football. Referee Thorsten Kinhöfer now explains what is wrong with the Bundesliga and the Premier League.

  • Heated Final Phase on the sidelines of the Bundesliga match between SC Freiburg and Eintracht Frankfurt.
  • Frankfurt captain David Abraham provided a unnecessary action for emotion.
  • Followed tumultuous scenes including double redMeanwhile, Abraham was banished for seven weeks.

November 14, 11:40 AM Update: David Abraham's rude action and subsequent "theater" in the Bundesliga match in Freiburg against Frankfurt (1: 0) is not exactly an excellent example of the fair play often propagated in professional football. Thorsten Kinhöfer complains now at portrait the behavior of well-paid kickers and increasingly see lack of respect also to the referees.

Professional Football Conditions: "Have an incredible aggression on the court"

Former referee describes terrifying situations, which are also shown to spectators at the stadium or in front of the screen regularly: "We have incredible aggression on the square. With each hand decision, seven or eight players rush to the referee, shouting at him," said the 51-year-old. in the interview. "Meanwhile war conditions! "He always wonders," what did they take to get from 0 to 100? I – and many, many people I talk to – perverts the local behavior meanwhile"Thorsten Kinhöfer continues.

This too Behavior of marginal coaches shakes the former referee. As negative examples, he leads instructors such as Friedhelm Funkel and Champions League winners Jürgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola, who can return to the Bundesliga, to: "No Schalke against Düsseldorf (3: 3), five minutes of injury are shown. Afterwards two-minute second, Funkel comes to the front line with a Veitstanz, who wants to reinforce the final whistle, "said the former FIFA referee, who last whistled in the Bundesliga in 2015. "Even though Guardiola played in the match against Liverpool – unbelievable! And Klopp, whom everyone likes, loses all measures when something is decided against his team."

Kinhöfer also commented on the seven-week ban for Eintracht captain David Abraham: "That's the lowest sentence. But: Players turn everything off on the pitch, they don't care. Also high penalties. So I doubt higher penalties. in professional football have the desired impediment. "

After check against Christian Streich: DFB hangs David Abraham for a long time

Updated November 13 at 15:36: Now it's correct: DFB's sports court is blocked David Abraham decided. Eintracht Frankfurt captain gets his red card because of Remplers coach against Freiburg Christian streich a lock of seven weeks until December 29He also has to Fine of 25,000 euros pay, as the DFB sports court announced on Wednesday.

Eintracht Frankfurt calls for a seven-week banThis announced the Bundesliga after the verdict. "Eintracht Frankfurt and the player will appeal this decision to give David Abraham the opportunity to speak in person during a hearing at the DFB sports court for events in Freiburg," said Eintracht.

Freiburg Vincenzo Grifo has been suspended for three gamesHe stepped in, as the entire Breisgauer seat slapped Abraham in the face and also saw red referee Felix Brych.

Joke with drastic words after Abraham-Check: "It's weird that …"

November 12 update at 20:06: coachChristian streich in SC Freiburg disturb after rempler David Abraham more agitation than the action itself. "It drives me crazy. It's not normalthat I will come back in such Shit I'm involved But there are certain things that are inevitable, "Streich said on Tuesday at a lecture by the DFB Cultural Foundation in Freiburg.

Heated finals in Freiburg. SC coach Christian Streich was checked by David Abraham on the floor.

© dpa / Patrick Seeger

The captain ofEintracht Frankfurt forgave Streich a long time ago. "It was hot, and so he stops, David. But he's not a bad person, he's a nice guy," Streich told the event at the E-Werk Freiburg. Now all sides should look "the one that reduces the total".

After body check against joke: Abraham threatens to lock – Hütter surprised: "Don't nail him to the wall"

November 12 Update: Despite his unsportsmanlike action against Freiburg's coach, Christian Streich remains the captain of David Abraham in the Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt. Eintracht confirmed coach Adi Hütter. "The action itself cannot be excused, but we don't pin it to the wall yet." There is no discussion, David Abraham remains our captain, "said Hütter on FFH Radio.

A little later, Abraham apologized "in full" for the incident. However, Abraham threatens a long ban. According to the image reported, Abraham was also fined internally 35,000, which should benefit a good cause.

Eklat in Bundesliga: After body control against a joke – what punishment threatens Abräumer Abraham?

November 11th Update: One day after the Bundesliga match between Freiburg and Eintracht Frankfurt, Germany continues to occupy the displacement of the SGE captains. This raises the question of how long the quarterback has been blocked by his action, a similar case did not yet exist in Bundesliga history.

Lutz Hangartner, president of the German Football Teachers Federation (BDFL), assumes that the penalty imposed by the DFB will have a deterrent effect: "There is certainly a signal. The DFB pronounces a severe penalty. From an optical point of view, the action took a Hangartner told Spox: "If the public doesn't see that with such drastic derailment penalties are kept up against it, it looks like you could do it." Immediately after the game Sky expert Didi Hamann also suspected from a longer suspension: "I don't think we'll see him play before Christmas." So far, still seven weeks ago – with this blockage that Abraham would probably have served well.

First announcement: Bundesliga excitement – Abraham checks ground strike – hunting scenes and Doppelrot

Freiburg – In the Black Forest stadium runs the fifth minute stop, the defender of SGE David Abraham Run towards Freiburger Bank to catch the ball. Abraham goes to the home gym Christian streichwho lets the bullet pass and obviously yells at the SGE captain. Then Abraham throws him to the ground for body verification.

Bundesliga: Frankfurt player abuses Freiburg Streich coach – hunting scenes and double red

As a result, Freiburg's bank immediately jumps and abuses the culprit. Freiburg replaced the offensive player Vincenzo Griffin attacks Abraham in the face and is later replaced by the intermediate video assistant with red from the square.

Already before, Abraham sees the attack by his attack. Red card In the first half, Gelson Fernandes from Frankfurt was headed by referee Felix Brych with yellow-red from the field. In the end, he wins SC Freiburg the game thanks to a goal from Petersen with 1: 0.

Bundesliga: Freiburg-Frankfurt scandal: "I assume he will have a very long suspension."

Football expert Didi Hamann condemns the Argentine's action with Sky: "The coach is sacred, he is protected, personal attacks against the coach should not be in football. I assume David Abraham will have a very long suspension. Don't think we'll see ringing it before Christmas. "

Vincenzo Grifo (r.) Chases Abraham's derailment at the SGE captain – and sees a squeeze on the defender's face as well as the red card.

© dpa / Patrick Seeger

Fredi Bobic, manager of Frankfurt judged the action similar, but was also a little tormented: "It obscures a lot, he shouldn't do that, of course. He was provoked because the ball was on himJust kidding, note d. Red.). “What did Streich say to Abraham?” That definitely doesn't interest him. This stays in the cabin. "Even after the request of Sky reporter Jessica Libbertz Bobic, who was very upset about Fernandes' resignation, declined to respond specifically.

Bundesliga: Prank speaks after Abraham-K.o: "He blew the fuses"

At the end of the game Christian Streich turned around and gave an idea of ​​the scene in Sky: "The ball came to an end very quickly and I was there. Abraham is an extremely emotional player and so he knocks me down … Football is a martial art, even if it was shown in the wrong place. "

The soccer teacher tried everything to get some wind out of the sails, even if Abraham "blew the fuses." Already on the lawn, the 33-year-old man was already in his arms – the joke doesn't seem vindictive.

Bundesliga: After Christian Streich's body check – pronunciation at Black Forest Stadium

The three main protagonists – Streich, Abraham and Griffin – went after the game together in the Frankfurt booth to talk again.

The born Badener would not have been injured in the crash: "My shoulder is fine, I tried to tense my body, but if you get hit by such a young buffalo at 54, you can't hold it, of course." "

At the press conference inside the Black Forest Stadium, Christian Streich said with a smile: "He (Abraham, d. Red.) said: I thought you were a little more stable. "


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