Daniela Katzenberger is just in a bra on an airplane – passengers are speechless


She never gets bored with it: Daniela Katzenberger.

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The cult blonde of Germany again causes a stir: this time in dizzying heights and in equally airy attire. For in the middle of the plane, the cat now dropped its shells blatantly.

Munich – Above the clouds, freedom must be unlimited: what has already been said Reinhard Mey seems to have taken Daniela Katzenberger to the breast – in the true sense of the word. Because when the blonde recently sat with her family on the plane, she obviously felt so free that she promptly undressed and exposed her cleavage before the eyes of all the passengers. Then the cat sat up, to everyone's surprise, all of a sudden, just in his skin-colored bra on the plane. But his sudden striptease has a very special motive.

Video: Daniela Katzenberger only with bra on the plane

Daniela Katzenberger is sitting in her bra on the plane

She sits next to her husband Lucas Cordalis with shoulders raised and face tight. No doubt, the cat freezes. This also does not seem particularly surprising, because in addition to her dark pants and beige cap, Daniela wears only a skin-colored bra. She already left the rest of her clothes – but not because she took the command "Ready to take off" literally too much, but because of her little girl.

Freezing in the bra: That's how a Daniela Katzenberger flies.

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The cat is freezing for his daughter.

Then, explains Daniela Katzenberger fans in her account on Instagram, because she in the middle of the plane so suddenly pulled blank: "Sophia was cold, Mom helps."

Thus, the Löwenmutter Katzenberger has a little shiver when buying, as they would freeze the offspring.

Overall, Daniela does not seem to have a problem in being lightly dressed – for example, sometimes she puts on a tight bikini on Instagram, but often proves self-ironic with her post.

That's exactly what her fans are celebrating – but probably not by anyone else: that's how the mood between Daniela Katzenberger and her sister Jenny Frankhauser still has to be very tense.

However, this is unlikely to apply to their relationship with Verona Pooth. So this should also be a great cat model. Like participating in conversations, this can actually teach the advertising icon like no other. Then Verona recently caused more excitement in the net when she posted her long legs.


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