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Dancing on Ice 2019: Single Nadine Klein and Sabber Confession

Cologne –

The whole beginning is even!

The new season of "Dancing on Ice" 2019 (Friday 8:15 pm, Saturday 1) began with a skateboarding session by presenter Peer Kusmagk and professional dancer Kat Rybowski. And "Bachelorette" Nadine Klein got a threatening confession from Sabber.

A silhouette with two legs – that was the pattern of the first episode. But instead of an elegant silhouette, there was a nasty crush on moderator Peer Kusmagk. "I've never done so badly," Peer told the jury.


Moderator Peus Kusmagk dances with Kat Rybowski – and falls.

He showed his bruise on the hand he had taken. He recently contracted severe bruising and ligamentous extension of the foot.

First dance in "Dancing on Ice": first a fall, then a lot of frustration

But the jury had no mercy, gave in the end 13.5 points. This is far from the 20 points expected by peers. He frankly showed his frustration: "Honestly, dear viewers: this looked like shit," he said on camera.


The Kusmagk pair was very disappointed after dancing with Kat Rybowski.

He then hoped the audience would still call him. "If you want to see something like that, call me," he said wryly. It didn't do enough. That's why he has to get on Skate Off soon.

"Dancing on Ice" 2019: Niko has to "drool over and over" because of Nadine Klein

Much better was the next dance of "Bachelorette" Nadine Klein and her dancer Niko Ulanovsky. Even though the 22-year-old was quite nervous while rehearsing with Nadine. "With her, I have to drool over and over," he confessed frankly to the camera. Well delicious.


Danced hard: Nadine Klein and dancer Niko Ulanovsky

But the dance, in which Nadine and Niko closely intertwined, convinced the jury. A sexy date on the ice! And even Nadine Klein had tears in her eyes when she was in front of the table. She was very proud of her performance, she explained. There were 6.0 points from each jury member, totaling 18 points. A strong start.

On Twitter suspected some viewers, the two could be something. Is there more with the drool? Probably not, because "Single" Nadine Klein is happily forgiven. After breaking up last year from Alexander Hindersmann, who gave her the last rose, she found a new man this year: Tim Nicolas.

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"Dancing on Ice" 2019: Jenny Elvers Injured During Training – Emergency Room

By the way, not only Peer Kusmagk fell. Already on the apron were several injuries. Jenny Elvers (47) also started with a nasty injury on the show: The popular actress broke a rib during rehearsals.

To be exact, the sixth rib on the left side of the body. According to the official website of "Dancing on Ice", the blonde trained a few days later with the break. Her trainer finally sent her to an emergency room – where the sober diagnosis was made …

Jenny Elvers_ falls on the ice

Here she laughed in a crush. Jenny Elvers now has to master the first appearance in "Dancing on Ice" with a broken rib.

It all started so well for the skateboarder. Then came the devastating moment of training: she was to pin her runner's corridors. It seems not only difficult, it is obviously also.

Because Jenny Elvers was unbalanced in this feat – and her ice-dancing partner, Jamal Othman (33), had to pack them just to get the case out of control.

Jenny Elvers breaks the "Dancing on Ice" training rib

After training, she struggled with severe pain and could only breathe heavily. A doctor's visit brought the sad certainty: rib fracture.

Quitting is obviously not an option for Jenny Elvers. In the interview, she said, "The show must go on! I've always been a fighter and I won't let a broken rib stop me despite the pain."

And indeed: Jenny finally appeared on the live show, despite the pain. She scored 11.0 points.


Actress Jenny Elvers dances with figure skating champion Jamal Othman

Injuries are not uncommon in ice sports, as Jenny knows, "Ice dancing is a tough sport. You need respect and a lot of courage and you really need to train a lot. You often slip and fall – so you need to get up again." "

"Dancing on Ice" 2019: Jenny Elvers is used to raining

And rising, Elvers knows her things. In her biography ("Wacky Years – My Life between Glamor and Crash"), Jenny Elvers spoke publicly about her alcohol addiction and her strong withdrawal. (read here)

After the Sat-1 program, Jenny needs to relax first. In conversation, she said, "First of all, I'm on vacation. After many hours in the ice room, of course, somewhere where it's nice and warm."

Even more hurt in "Dancing on Ice"

Incidentally, Jenny Elvers is not the only candidate for "Dancing on Ice", who enters the first round with injuries in training. Before, Peer Kusmagk and Jens Hilbert were already injured.

"Dancing on Ice" is in its second season on Saturday.

"Dancing on Ice" was first broadcast in 2006 on the RTL television station. Originally, the format originates from Great Britain and has existed since 2006 under the title of the same name.

After Sat.1 2018 granted the rights, the program was reissued. And now in season two. Beginning on November 15, ten celebrities and professional skaters will be dancing for victory.

"Dancing on Ice" 2019: These celebrities will be there this year:

  • Lina singer and actress Larissa Rayshe dances with professional skater Joti Polizoakis
  • Model and presenter Klaudia with K. Sevan's professional lark dance
  • actor Eric Stehfest dance with Amani Fancy
  • model men Andr√© Hamann dance with couple runner Stina Martini
  • Self-made man Jens Hilbert dance with Sabrina Cappellini
  • presenter Peer kusmagk dance with professional Kat Rybowski
  • The pop singer Joey Heindle dance with Ramona Elsner
  • actress Jenny elvers Dance with Figure Skating Champion Jamal Othman
  • Bachelorette Nadine Klein dance with Niko Ulanovsky
  • The double world soccer champion Nadine Angerer dance with David Vincour

In the previous season of "Dancing on Ice", Sarah Lombardi won the grand final in February.

"Dancing on Ice" 2019: this is the jury

At the "Dancing on Ice" jury Judith Williams in 2019, she invested in the Vox show "The Cave of the Lions" for many years. Beside Williams Katarina Witt sits down. The former figure skater certainly has the most know-how to offer: she has entered the Olympics and won the World Cup four times. The man in the "Dancing on Ice" jury round is Daniel Weiss. He has twice been German figure skating champion and has won international competitions.

The show will be moderated by Marlene Lufen and Daniel Boschmann, both known on "Sat.1 Breakfast TV".

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"Dancing on Ice 2019": This is how the show works.

In "Dancing on Ice", several celebrities compete in figure skating. They dance with professional figure skaters and figure skaters. For each episode, all dance couples perform an ice dance, are judged by the jury and judged according to their performance.

Even viewers can vote for their favorite. Based on this vote and the jury's assessment, a ranking list is created.

The two worst-placed pairs compete against each other at the end of a sequence in the so-called "skate off". The judges decide which of the couples will get a seat in the next episode – the other couple should leave the show. (Mg / sj)

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