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Currency with misrepresentation of the fried egg: it should be worth two million euros

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There has never been such a thing: a seller wants to be in possession of such a rare 2-euro coin that he now requires millions in eBay classifieds.

At first glance, it seems to be just a common EUR 2 coin from Germany. But, at second sight, the price the seller demands is almost without stocking. It is now causing a sensation in eBay classifieds.

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Coin of 2 euros turns out to be a misrepresentation of the fried egg – but worth two million euros?

For the sum he asks for the good piece, there was never in the online market! The Bavaria auctioneer wants two million euros for the "defective condition in very good condition" Tue. And the man also praises the coin with so many superlatives that one can not fail to look closely at the good piece.

"It's a rarity !! It's unique"explains the seller excited in the description." But what is special about the coin? In the two photos, which he posted, can be seen on the payment page, that this is a the so-called fried egg is.

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In this false impression, the inner and yellow part of the coin, the so-called pill, seems to have penetrated the outer edge of the coin. It is not exactly in the middle of the set, as usual, but is slightly offset or the color is lost. But if this gem is really worth millions? Good thing …

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