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"Cave of the Lions": After an attack on Carsten Maschmeyer, Frank Thelen surprises with a statement

Attack on Carsten Maschmeyer of the Vox Cave of the Lions (DhdL) program: His future former colleague Frank Thelen attacks the Bremen investor.

  • Carsten Maschmeyer from "The Cave of the Lions" has to suffer a lot.
  • Former juror Frank Thelen attacks him heavily
  • Carsten Maschmeyer of Bremen responds confidently to his team-mate Vox's departure

November 14, 2019 Patch: Last was Carsten Maschmeyer from the former lion Frank Thelen hard attacked. Oinvestor in Bremen but responded with confidence to their claims. Now it's up Frank Thelen in another statement, speak again and propose a completely different tone.

"Cave of the Lions": Attack on Carsten Maschmeyer – Frank Thelen paddles behind

After the attack on Investor "The Cave of Lions" Carsten maschmeyerHe gave Frank Thelen make another statement clearly brooding. Thelen your team attacked Maschmeyer in debt and he had nothing to do with the whole thing. Like a peace offering called ex-lion directly Carsten maschmeyer and that led to the apology of Frank Thelen directly to. Fans of "The Lions Cave" can breathe again and still look forward to following the famous lion because of the investor in Bremen clearly stated that it would remain true to the successful program. This seems to be the end of the fight for both lions and you can count on a new lion member on the show. "The Lions Cave" happy.

"The Lions' Cave" – ​​Investor Frank Thelen leaves the hit program

Bremen – Carsten maschmeyer in Bremen may be in "The Lions Cave" (DhdL) We look forward to a new colleague in the future. investor Frank Thelen resurfaces after six years of success Vox Founder Show and share just before leaving again strong. Your victims: Jochen schweizer and Carsten Maschmeyer. But he responds confidently to Thelen's departure, as * reported.

Carsten Maschmeyer Attack on "The Cave of the Lions" – Frank Thelen kicks in

Frank Thelen belongs "The Lions' Cave" (DhdL) for the "lions" and was for a long time a companion of Carsten maschmeyerIt may therefore be surprising to many that he shoots shortly before his departure against the future sharp former juror. In an exceptionally open statement on the "Linkedin" networking platform, Thelen has now written his thoughts on the soul and shot sharply at his former jurors.

"Individual lions even tried their own shows, like Carsten Maschmeyer Startup! or Jochen schweizer with & # 39; The Dream Job & # 39;… both formats have failed and have not even been fully transmitted, "Thelen drilled once again deep into the wound. This should not prove both.

Carsten Maschmeyer reacts with confidence to Frank Thelen's "DhdL" match

Carsten maschmeyer However, there is no indication of this and reacts with confidence saying goodbye to Frank Thelen"I pay great respect to that consistent decision. His departure is understandable because he has barely made more deals in the past two years and has spent less than half of the days of recording in the studio last season," said the investor in Bremen in an interview with NTTV. Maybe Maschmeyer learned from the shit storm against him.

Unlike Thelen, shortly before his departure at the Vox mes "The Lions Cave"Maschmeyer refuses tips and attacks on his future former colleague: "I will also be eternally grateful to him for having fully participated in the beginning of the Lions' Cave. At the time, no one knew that this program would be so well received by the public." Maschmeyer will yet further. At Frank Thelen, he will miss his pleasant nature and his direct and clear manner. Just like the founders with "I'm Out" to quickly announce that their appearance is unconvincing or have called for an exalted rating.

"Cave of the Lions": Carsten Maschmeyer is not surprised by Frank Thelen's departure

Carsten maschmey
him wasn't at all surprised by the output of Frank Thelen in the "cave of lions" (dhdl). The two jurors of Vox show had already spoken before the public announcement. "He told me he wants to shoot for two to three days and will not make any more deals. It would be difficult for the viewer to broadcast because his participation makes no sense," he said. investor in Bremen in an interview. Thelen no longer wants to invest in ice cream and soups, but in artificial intelligence, blockchain and quantum computers. Although Carsten Maschmeyer made several deals last season for "The Lions Cave", he abandoned many after the show again.

Good news is now available for all The Cave of the Lions fans: Carsten maschmeyer It's still the show. "I am very pleased with the success of the program and we are broadcasting a fall and spring season now. I am curious to know who will enrich our round as a new Lion member," says Maschmeyer.

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