Cantor Höhner almost unrecognizable – Henning Krautmacher does not look like this anymore


Henning Krautmacher in an appearance at the end of 2017

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His mustache was his trademark: but now Henning Krautmacher also has something else in mind.

Cologne: If not now, when? Höhner frontman Henning Krautmacher seems to have taken the song title to heart as well. Then it's time for him to make a surprising visual change: since his Majorca vacation, the 62-year-old man is now showing his full beard.

Holiday relaxation brings new style to Henning Krautmacher

The idea – and somehow the new look – matured into him as he relaxed in a secluded cottage on the Spanish holiday island. Then he gave up shaving for a while and thought, according to "Oh, that sounds pretty good."

Henning Krautmacher bearded at birthday party

At the Höhnerstall am Heumarkt, Krautmacher presented his new look to the public for the first time last Sunday. On Facebook, the new look also shows some photos.

At the party he congratulated his good friend Christa Hässy for a small serenade for his 70th birthday. So the band wanted to thank you in other ways, explains Krautmacher.

Höhner Classics successful concert series without birthday child is not possible

Because without Christa, the Höhner Classic concert series would not exist. After all, she had the idea. Together with his colleague and former Höhner member Peter Werner, they combined Höhner's Cologne party music with classic harmonies – and the "Höhner Classic" was born.

For almost 30 years, Junge Sinfonie is already on stage with the Höhners. The only predictable change will be in the near future, probably only Krautmachers facial hair.

Changed look not only for herbs

By the way, Krautmacher is not the only one who has a new look. So recently stunned other celebrities with a different look. For example, Daniela Katzenberger recently showed no extensions. And also Andrea Kiewel surprised the return of the ZDF television garden.

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